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  1. Okay! Thank you so so so so so MUCH, I cant tell you how much i appreciate your help. you are a saint haha
  2. So i shouldn't continue and try to get dismissal WITH prejudice? Man, i cant tell you guys how much i appreciate all your help. you were a life saver for sure!!
  3. So I just checked the court for an update and i noticed on my court information it now says: Case Status Completed/Re-Completed and: 06/03/2019 Motion to Dismiss 06/04/2019 Order of Dismissal Without Prejudice Judicial Officer Name, Name 06/04/2019 Case Resolution Dismissal Without Trial Dismissal without prejudice means they can sue me again in the future right? so this is just stating
  4. whys that? i thought since my arbitration clause said they will pay for it they could. did i mess up to where i have to pay for it now? not a huge deal but just curious.
  5. what was granted on my file details reads "COMPEL PRIVATE ARBITRATION & STAY CASE PENDING ARB" didn't mention status hearing, and i have but i didn't really see what to do next other than go to JAMS or AAA and file my arbitration. is that the next step?
  6. So i had my hearing and the judge granted my motion to compel arbitration, what happens now and whats my next step?
  7. @BV80 i actually got it from the last link in your signature, https://toughnickel.com/personal-finance/You-Can-Beat-Credit-Card-Debt-Collectors?utm_source=maven-coalition&utm_medium=hubpages&utm_campaign=liftigniter&utm_content=hp-related that the one that made the most sense to me when i was panicking.
  8. @Harry SeawardI just did exactly what I said above, the other dumb stuff was using affirmative defenses that are useless.
  9. @Harry Seaward this is the other post,, the one i started with.
  10. @Harry SeawardI see now why you said to keep it to one post, I made another post that you helped me with first. this is what it said: ***"First off thanks for reading i understand i have no idea what i am doing but have been trying to learn as much as possible. Any help is greatly appreciated,i am trying to join the military and until this is resolved i cannot join. Received Summons that a lawsuit was started against me by a Debt collector who hired a debt collector/attorneys office? Plantiff alleges: 1. lantif is a limited liability company in good stand
  11. She just informed me that they can file a response to my motion. What would happen if they try to say I waived it by doing a discovery?
  12. to be honest i am not sure, i was just told to file a hearing date which is scheduled on the 3rd and that i had to inform them of the motion hearing. i can find out more info soon, i am planning on heading to the court today to get more info. i just included the hearing paperwork with my copy of the MTC and answers to their discovery. I've tried finding more info with my states rules but didn't find much about them being involved.
  13. @Harry Seaward so when I submitted my MTC i was told i had to schedule a hearing for my motion. what can i expect from this hearing will the judge just look at the MTC i submitted and just decide? i had to mail a notice to the JDB as well. will i need to say anything special?
  14. Thank you so much @Harry Seaward and @fisthardcheese Really really appreciate it, helps out a lot and have seriously diffused a lot of stress for me. ❤️
  15. Thank you so much, so i was planning on sending out my answers as well as a letter to the DC stating something like: "NOTICE OF ARBITRATION ELECTION Pursuant to Elan Financial Services cardholder agreement, I ELECT arbitration via AAA to resolve all of our disputes. As per the agreement, "If you or we elect arbitration of a claim, neither you nor we will have the right to litigate a claim in court or to have a jury trial on a claim." The agreement further states, "You or we can choose to have binding arbitration resolve any claim, dispute controversy be