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  1. @Clydesmom thank you for you quick response 1. Moved about a month before they filed, and yes I still live in the same county. 2. Both Midland & PRA: Synchrony Bank (Amazon & Walmart) 3. Correction on my sisters, the lawsuit was filed by lawyers representing a company called Capital One Servicess LLC who say they are representing Capital One, so people file bankruptcy for a $1500 debt for Capital One?
  2. Hello, I just found out from my mom that two different process servers have been to her house to serve me. I moved out about 3 months ago ( I have not done a change of address) so she tells them "No one by that name lives here". So I can only assume that may be the reason they do not leave the court papers at the door, and it may also be that she answers the door through the RING doorbell. I live in Little Rock, AR, so I was able to find the summons and complaints online. I found out that Midland and PRA are suing me for two credit cards I defaulted on when I was laid off my job. I just checked my credit report, and all it states is that it was "Charged Off" and not sold. The evidence that they submitted is a bunch of card statements with NO account numbers on them, and also some notarized document stating that, and i am paraphrasing "Someone who works for PRA is a record keeper, and is telling the truth that I OWE them this debt" So I am needing some advice on what to do, I do want to answer the lawsuit, but I am at a lose on what to do. Don't they have to prove that they really bought this debt? Oh also want to add that my sister is being sued by some lawyers who claim to represent Capital One. She also looked at her credit report and it states that it is charged off.