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  1. Should I send the court a copy of the credit card agreement? "If a party files a lawsuit in court asserting claim(s) that are subject to arbitration and the other party files a motion with the court to compel arbitration, which is granted, it will be the responsibility of the party asserting the claim(s) to commence the arbitration proceeding." This is exactly what it says int he card agreement.
  2. They sued and I filed an answer so they sent me a letter to initiate arbitration. I sent them that letter back to stating that it was their responsibility to file arbitration as per the card agreement. Yesterday, I got a letter that they want the judge to strike my answer. Is this normal?
  3. I had a synchrony credit card with a debt of $2200 in the state of New Jersey and it was sold to Midland in 2018. I was sued by midland and I submitted an answer within the 35 days to respond stating that my credit card agreement specifically states "that if you or we make a demand to arbitrate we must arbitrate any dispute." Immediately after submitting my answer to the court I got a letter of a trial date. Isn't there supposed to be a pretrial first?
  4. I called the court today and they said that a trail is scheduled. Is that normal?
  5. Does the copy to the opposing attorney have to be certified mail or regular?
  6. By the end of this week should I file an MTC or wait until we meet in court?
  7. I answered the lawsuit today. How long should I wait before filing the MTC Arbitration?
  8. I settled with Capital One after they sued me and they just sent me a letter that they dismissed the matter and it has been settled for the amount that was agreed to. Can they court permanently delete this record? Is there anything I can do so that the court permanently deletes the docket number and all the information that it has online?
  9. I had an old navy synchrony bank credit card that was sold to midland a few months ago and I received a certified letter in the mail that I am being sued by the Superior Court of NJ Law DIvision, Special Civil Part and I have to submit an answer. I have been reading the arbitration strategy and wanted to find out should I demand arbitration through JAMS or AAA? The debt is $2200.