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  1. What what do I google?
  2. I was sued yesterday by Midland Funding. The original creditor is Synchrony Bank and the balance is $3100. I have read the arbitration strategy and would like to find out where can I find case law in the state of NJ?
  3. Is it illegal for a debt buyer to threaten legal action? Midland sent another pre-legal letter.
  4. If midland drops the lawsuit when I request arbitration can it sell the debt to another debt buyer?
  5. No, sent it regular mail. I was sued in November 2018 for an account that was still owned by Synchrony Bank (eBay Mastercard) and when that account was sent to a lawyer I sent them a letter disputing the validity of the debt. The law firm responded within two weeks. I sent that letter regular mail as well. Should I send another letter?
  6. I sent a letter in January stating that I dispute the debt when I received the original notice from Midland in January 2019 and until today I never got a response.
  7. What happens if during the arbitration phase I start working? Do I have to pay all of the fees that Midland would have paid?
  8. Date of default 5/2/18. Last payment 4/1/18. The account was in good standing until 5/2/18.
  9. How can I request a copy of my credit card agreement?
  10. Should I send the pre-arbitration letter before they sue or after they sue?
  11. Will the MTC arbitration automatically be approved by the court?
  12. Thank you. I will read it right now.
  13. What is that? Is there a sample?
  14. The original creditor is Synchrony Bank. It was a store card for Amazon.
  15. I received a Pre-Legal Letter from Midland Funding today stating that if I do not make a payment by 4/21/19 they may proceed with forwarding this account to an attorney. The current balance is $3100 and I have not been working for almost 2 years. The money that I have is all from savings. I offered $620 to settle the account and they said they want the balance in full. Is there a way I can settle with Midland?