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  1. Yes. I'm going to give them a call today and see if they'll take $2k. *Fingers crossed*
  2. The court originated in Wisconsin, was executed in Iowa when they garnished my wages for a few years and now I live in Illinois. Does that matter as far as the time they have to collect? Yea, I'm thinking of calling and trying to settle, the amount is a little less than $7k. Is there a certain percentage they'll usually settle for? I dont remember the original amount that the judgement is for, but it way less than what it is now
  3. Hello All, Need some advice regarding a situation I'm in... I used to live in Iowa and had a judgement against me for some old credit cards that I didnt pay off. They had garnished my wages for 2-3yrs. I moved to Chicago and the garnishments have stopped for the last 5yrs because I moved and switched jobs. I'm just receiving something from the debt collection agency stating I owe some crazy amount now. They tried contacting my old employer to discover assets and my old employer did not answer them. Now there is a court date for a motion for entry of a final judgment for failure to answer third party citation to discover assets. Does anyone know what this means and what I can do, if anything to fight this???