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  1. Hello, I filed Chapter 7 but I filed the Schedules on November 18, 2019, the Monday after an Order Dismissing case was entered on November 14, 2019. The Order states, "The case is dismissed without prejudice and without a discharge effective on the 15th day from entry of this Order." I have to file a motion to vacate or for reconsideration of the Order within 14 days. It is now the 19th and just today, I received the notice in the mail. On Sunday 17th, I accessed PACER and I saw it on the docket as an entry but could not retrieve the notice to read it. Upon seeing this on PACER, I e
  2. Yes with Midland but that case is going away. Credit repair started a while back and a lot has been wiped out, nothing to do with Suncoast and Midland cases because those cases were already filed with the Clerk.
  3. Suncoast blocked me from accessing my checking/savings account long ago. They demanded I pay a ridiculous monthly and would grant me access to my regular account. They took the money out of my account and applied it towards the credit card balance. I did draft a motion and ready to file it. I did list the reasons and included the email to the plaintiff's attorney asking to settle days before the Order was signed. I am going to attempt to file it, regardless. The bankruptcy attorney I met stated that I have no income coming in so Suncoast cannot garnish my wages. I am not W-2. I am i
  4. What does judgment proof mean? If it's about showing my finances to prove I'm in ruin, that's easy. I met with a lawyer (young lady) and she stated that I can't even file a Motion to Set Aside but she didn't even read my motion.
  5. @Clydesmom Please help omg. they issued final judgement YESTERDAY. What can i do??? They close the case?? What can I do today??
  6. Thank you everyone so much. Is there a simple template to use when filing an Answer after default? They tried to default me before the 20 day extension. Please help me Thank you so much!!
  7. @nobk4me I may just have to do that but I believe this has a clause that states it cannot be discharged in Bankruptcy. Please help. Should I at least file an Answer?
  8. @Clydesmom Thank you so much! Should I file any type of answer or just write/email them requesting to settle? I knew that I will have to settle. I did try to settle with them PRIOR to them filing suit but they were demanding an unreasonable high monthly payment in the hundreds and denied to modify the loan. Again, thank you so much. And yes, you're right, I am aware of the no attorney fees. Did not mean to copy/paste that. Thank you for your help!
  9. Hello Everyone. THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!! AND A HUGE THANK YOU BEFOREHAND FOR ANY AND ALL OF YOUR SUGGESTIONS. Please help? Wondering if the Affirmative Defense I used to accompany my Answer filed in response to Midland's Complaint was appropriate or should I amend it? I filed it last week with Motion to Compel Mandatory Contractual Arbitration and to Dismiss Plaintiff's Complaint or Stay the Case Pending Mandatory Contractual Arbitration. I included the Affidavit supporting my Exhibit of the Card Agreement. I attended Mediation and got the impasse. My concern is that after furth
  10. Hi everyone, I am being sued by Suncoast Credit Union. I want to file the Answer and Affirmative Defenses. The problem here is that Suncoast is filing as the original creditor and there is NO arbitration clause. My first question is, may I file a motion requesting arbitration? I cannot compel mandatory arbitration absent the arbitration clause in the credit card agreement. Question 2: I have no idea which Affirmative Defenses to use and wondering if the following is appropriate. The Complaint does not state "Account Stated." It lists the following 7 allegations to Answer which I have adm