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  1. I filed an answer, I include an affirmative defense , then filed a MTC with a memorandum in support of my MTC. I filed them at the same time , the MTC required a court date.
  2. Appreciate the info, the debt is 2,400. I seriously doubt they will spend more in arbitration cost than the debt is worth.
  3. In Louisiana , if there is an agreement for arbitration , the proceedings shall be stayed.
  4. I will as soon as I get home, I’m out of town for the next few days.
  5. After following much advice and reading many post over and over on this forum , I have had my day in court and my MTC arbitration and stay the proceedings was granted. In Louisiana you must file your answer , MTC and a memorandum in support of your motion, a little different than the MTC examples posted here. You must also state if a court date has been set, if not you must request a court date and include a order sheet. When I filed my MTC the judge ordered PRA/Rausch Sturm to show cause as to why arbitration should not be granted. I followed all the court rules and advise from this fourm. The Rausch Sturm attorney was served as required by my state. They did not object or show up to court this morning. The judge granted my order and chucked/smiled while signing it. He said he was impressed with my ability as a Pro Se. I thank everyone for their post about arbitration, without that I would have been lost.
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