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  1. Update I received a letter in the mail with a court date of July 8th
  2. As far I know there was no court date and I do not own any property and I just started working about 3 weeks ago
  3. I was served and Responded to the lawyer verbally but, I did not respond until past the 30 days on the courts website. I am learning the process as I go through the stages of this lawsuit
  4. I am being sued by Second Round......they purchased the debt from synchrony bank and immediately filed a lawsuit and I have acted an image of the case and I would like to know what is a FIFA and what should I do from here?
  5. Yes it’s GA Magistrate and the judgement was issued on March 1, 2019 and it was a default for not answering in 30 days
  6. What if they have a judgement against me. Can I still submit an answer after 30 days? I am just now finding this helpful information