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  1. UPDATE: Thanks for the template on Discovery( have not filed it yet) Today a i received a 'NOTICE OF PRE-TRIAL MEDIATION'. I recall the clerk mentioning most of their cases are put to mediation immediately after filed. Today as well i received a letter from RAUSCH STURM which is the firm that sued on behalf of PRA looking for possible discussion on resolution of the matter. Question. 1. should i still file for Discovery since they set up mediation? 2. can i contact Rausch sturm firm to see what they want exactly? thanks
  2. i did just that, but they basically told me i have to file a motion for discovery and wait to see if the judge approves it. Do you have any templates on how to file such a motion? thanks
  3. @texasrocker took your advice and filed a general denial letter. I guess i need to wait and hear from the court. what do you think the next step will be?
  4. Help being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates in the justice court Precint 3 Place 1, Collin County Texas. i was served at home on 4/4/2019, given 14 days to respond (Answer) Account with Best Buy was open 6/19/2015, suing me for $3,200 case was filed 3/26/2019 E. count 1 : Breach of contract E. count 2: Account stated My first instinct was to write to Portfolio to validate the debt, to which they responded with an Account statement from 8/8/2017. (not sure if it actually counts as validation) I need help as to what to do, any help would be greatly a