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    I'll see if I can find the recording.


    The nasty calls were worded in a way that implies I'm going to jail, but doesn't come right out and say it. It's a recording and they call my parents, my children and my ex. I'm sure they say just enough to scare you (too bad, doesn't illicit a fear in me), but stay within the law. As I said before, my credit rating has rebounded nicely and this is not about raising my score. Many of these are close to 7 years and renewing them will do them no favors. The 10k is not in my hands. It's safe. Wondering when I'll hear back from them. They'd be nuts not to settle.


    That's the whole point... my financial situation. I was a stay at home mother all my life then my 27 year marriage ended. I had zero funds to hire decent representation, so I got screwed with no alimony, no future retirement and a house with liens. I couldn't pay then and all I have now is this one time lump sum. No negotiations, no payment plans, nothing. If they don't accept, they can pick my bones when I die. I think they'll ALL renew the liens. Now one particular law firm said today, "We're not currently settling judgment liens. Maybe in a couple of months". Stalling tactic? That's what I think. All I got is time. But I'm going to use that lump sum for bankruptcy if i don't hear anything.


    I REALLY want to remove the liens. I saw an attorney today who said I also have the option of bankruptcy and keep my home. This may be something I do if the creditors won't negotiate. I'd rather not, but I will if forced to. These are old.... 5, 6, and almost 7 years ago and off my credit. We'll see.
  5. I have 5 judgment liens against my home in Georgia which are all old credit card debt resulting from divorce. They range from $15k to $1k and total more than $30k. I had no way to even begin addressing these till now. My house is all I was awarded after 27 years of marriage. No alimony, no retirement, nothing. So these have been sitting, growing, and the collectors blow me up pretty regularly, even calling my family threatening my demise. So now, I'm prepared to make a lump sum offer in return for all liens to be removed. Four of the five are with the same law firm, totalling $27k. The other one I'll deal with separately, at $6k. I'm prepared to offer the 1st four a lump sum of $10k. That's all I have. If they don't accept it, they'll have to wait a few decades until I croak. The property will then go to my children, who may also sit on it for their lifetime. Will they accept the $10k and settle now? I have no other assets and negligible income. I'm barely getting by as it is. This is it. If they don't accept as satisfied debt I'll go on a vacay and let the liens sit. What are my chances? There's been no garnishment because there's nothing to garnish. No big bank accounts to seize. How should I attempt this? By myself or better served by an attorney?