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  1. Yes, I have been served on the 29th. You mind sharing me the MTC you prepared with me?
  2. Hello @lilladyy, Could you please advise what happened to your case? Did you end up filing MTC? Was it approved? I am in similar situation and would like to know. Thank you
  3. For MTC, I will have to send my MTC along with my answer, right? Also, will I still have to appear in court to get the MTC approved? What happens after filing and answer/MTC?
  4. My original creditor was Prosper, they sold the debt to Velocity Investment LLC and now O&L Law Group is representing Velocity LLC (JDB).
  5. Hello, Unfortunately I have been sued. I have not been served yet but o can see the case on County of Clerk's website. My question is now that should I still file motion to compel private attribution OR should I hire a lawyer? Will hiring a lawer cost me fortune? Is there any chance laywer will be able to win the case? Please advise
  6. Understood. As suggested, I will just stay low. If they do decide to sue me than I will just proceed to arbitrate. Thanks you for the explanation, much appreciated. In future, i will be needing your/this forum's help.
  7. Should I still wait to be sued? Is there a way i can get them to negotiate somehow so i dont have to deal with this court thing?
  8. yes, i do have the contract. Also, i see in there an arbitration clause. I will paste the clause below "22. Arbitration. RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES: YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ THIS PROVISION CAREFULLY, AND UNDERSTAND THAT IT LIMITS YOUR RIGHTS IN THE EVENT OF A DISPUTE BETWEEN YOU AND US. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT THIS PROVISION, AS PROVIDED IN PARAGRAPH (i) BELOW. (a) In this Resolution of Disputes provision: (i) "You" and "your" mean the individual entering into this Agreement, as well as any person claiming through such individual; (ii) "We" an
  9. Hello all, i am lost and in desperate need of help. I am very uneducated when it comes to law. I had a unsecured personal loan of $10k from Prosper which i paid for for first 8 months then financial crisis hit and couldn't make payments. Stupid of me. Anyways prosper then sold the debt to Velocity Investment LLC after few months of being delinquent. It was $8295 I contacted velocity to try to negotiate but velocity did not want to negotiate. I was still trying to negotiate with them but that time i had some family emergency and had to stop everything. Today in the email i recei