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  1. Quick question, can I file with JAMS ahead of time and then just let the court know that it’s already in the process? Would that tip there hand more into my favor since it’s already happening?
  2. Crap. So I guess my best bet is to not answer any questions about the debt and just push for the MTC. Am I allowed to not answer?
  3. I got served papers saying that I'm being sued by Midland Credit in Chatham County. I already filed the response under "DENY". The law firm is Cooling & Winter. It was from an old credit card bill from Synchrony Bank and they say I owe a little over five grand. My court date has been set and I want to do an MTC but I don't know the first thing about how to construct one. Are there any resources? I'm not even sure what to say or the correct format. Also, do I need to file this ahead of time? Send a copy to the lawyers office beforehand? Or is it best to just wait and let it play out in court? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.