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  1. Backfromdebt nailed it. It is very intimidating and easy to just pass and except your spankings! Don't do it! This board is a God send and will give you all the information you need. Most of the people here are just awesome and will give you great insight. I personally had 9 cases ! I was able to get withdrawals on all. 3 with prejudice ( after I learned a bit more). Arbitration, Arbitration, Arbitration!!! I see yours is Synchrony and they have the best Arbitration clause. Although you did not pursue this with them initially, it can not hurt to try now. As mentioned all states operate differently so, your results may be different. Push the Arbitration and see what happens. Any communications with debt collector , do it via CMRR. They do not want Arbitration. AAA will not accept any case with Cavlary.
  2. If read correctly, I mentioned to get their juris number (for reference) and see what they are doing in their cases. By doing a search in your local court records. These court files can provide a wealth of information. Do not give up! You will find there are a few here that love to present only a gloom and doom scenario.
  3. Keep looking. Also, if there are attorneys in your area that advertise/promote their services for "fighting debt collectors" etc. (Do a Google search and insert your area). Get their juris number and search to see what they are doing in court
  4. i do not believe I can file a MTC in small claims in Connecticut!
  5. motion to transfer to superior?
  6. it looks like I can only do this in superior and not small claims. i am going to read on but, doesn't look good.
  7. cool! thanks brotherskeeper, I am going to dive into this!
  8. check this out on google scholar. read through this case and see if any thing here can help you. 2014-Ohio-1741 LVNV Funding, LLC, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Dance Tanevski, Defendant-Appellant. No. 13AP-398. Although plaintiff's motion for summary judgment includes an affidavit from Matthew Sowell, an authorized representative of plaintiff, stating that Citibank assigned all rights in the account in question to plaintiff, such evidence is not proof of an assignment agreement sufficient to protect defendant from multiple claims. Hudson & Keyse, L.L.C. v. Yarnevic-Rudolph, 7th Dist. No. 09 JE 4, 2010-Ohio-5938, ¶ 37 (finding summary judgment was improperly granted where assignment and bill of sale did not demonstrate account in question was assigned to claimant). See also First Union Natl. Bank v. Hufford, 146 Ohio App.3d 673, 2001-Ohio-2271, ¶ 20-21 (3d Dist.); Washington Mut. Bank, F.A. v. Green, 156 Ohio App.3d 461, 2004-Ohio-1555, ¶ 31-32 (7th Dist.).
  9. i guess im filing a MTC so MTC Then memorandum of law for arb and state what has been going on?
  10. so I sent a letter to cavalry and attorney cmrr electing arb which they received 5/26/19 , they in turn filed this case 7/15/19. I have the email from AAA stating that they declined.
  11. It can be frustrating but, there are some great people here, brotherskeeper, Harry and bv80, to name a few, who may be able to assist you better. Don't give up but, do your homework!
  12. Not sure how things work in your area but, in Connecticut we have access to court records online and they are quite easy to view. If you can, I 2ould search through cases filed by this attorney and lvnv and see what's going on in their cases. On all these transfers, are they stating to be true and accurate? Ordinary course of business? Personal knowledge? Look up some caselaw on Google scholar maybe? You need to file an objection to MSJ and then a memorandum, I believe. If you can find other examples in your court system, it would be truly beneficial