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  1. I have read many post here and many lawsuits online(in my area) and it doesn't seem standard that plaintiffs are eager or willing to take 66% off of lawsuit right away. As far as MSJ the plaintiff s attorney stated in front of Judge/Magistrate? who sat in for this pretrial conference that that was off the table. He seemed eager to make a deal for far less and was not interested in trial. Of course, what do I know? I only would say to people reading this. Put up a fight. Don't just lay down. This board has been a tremendous amount of help and a couple of people in particular.
  2. I understand that. It also means that it may be wrong. I have seen quite a few cases where they mention the amounts are accurate to the best of their knowledge. I realize there is more than one way to look at this. Why not scratch and claw? What's the worst that can happen? The burden of proof is still on the plaintiff. Stating "Sold As is and no guarantees of accuracy" has to mean something. Doesn't mean it's not but, Doesn't mean it is. They may own my account, they may not. The amount owed with principle may be correct or maybe not. This statement they apply is there for their protection so, in case there is a y discrepancy (like proof of ownership and amount owed) Just small details. Bottom line, they were willing to slash their suit by 66%.
  3. Hey BK Tgought I'd fill you in Went to pretrial conference and plaintiffs counsel was willing to accept 1/3 of suit. I claimed interest was not calculated properly and I still have no evidence that they are the legitimate owner of account. Another pretrial conference is scheduled. Counsel had original loan documents from original lender and stated that they could just amend lawsuit and pursue litigation based on that document and scratch the BOA documents. Also interesting is when I stated they purchased account "as is" "with all faults and no guarantees of accuracy" He said "BOA does this on all bill of sales and it's completely normal" I stated "well that's bad news for your client" @Brotherskeeper
  4. It's posted here a few threads back. It's long but essentially just about everything 🙂
  5. @Brotherskeeper Ok, so maybe it wasn't? Their Motion was put on short calendar, I filed a motion objecting. The day after judge review on short calendar a pretrial conference was set. I assumed that the judge would have just granted MSJ? But what do I know? Just by you asking me this question has me wondering. He didn't deny their MSJ, he just set a pretrial date. Hmmm.
  6. @Brotherskeeper Hi Brotherskeeper So they didn't get their MSJ. Have a pretrial conference mid October. We'll see.
  7. I will follow up and post back. I know same judge, plaintiff, attorneys and in small claims going for motion for default. I will check them out and post them here
  8. I am so fascinated by all of this.
  9. What's interesting to me is, there is this one particular judge, I guess she works different areas of the state because I have seen her name in other counties. Anyways, I have been looking through cases and noticed on a particular date June 19 every case from cavalry that had a motion for default , about 8, she denied. Stating that cavalry portfolio services was a different entity than cav spv. Then I see a few days later she working in a different county, same plaintiff and law firm. Same circumstances, motion for default, and she grants it!! What is the deal?
  10. its actually two different ignorant judges😉
  11. I wanted to pass this is. This is taking place in Connecticut small claims. I have found many like this where Cavalry's affidavit comes from what the court considers another entity "cavalry portfolio services" right now it is just in one particular court in hartford, ct. interesting. "Magistrate requires additional information. Please submit authorization or assignment of the debt to allow servicer (a different legal entity) to act on behalf of named plaintiff. Case continued 30 days."
  12. the amount deducted was always around the 800 mark. so, maybe 780 one month 820 another etc. they did contact me in 2012 (I do not personally remember the exact date but, come to that conclusion based on this "agreement" and remembering speaking with someone around that time) they did want to renegotiate the existing terms and did state that they could demand payment in full (this is all in my affidavit). They did not send letters, at least I do not remember receiving any. I avoided talking with them and they just continued to take funds ,again as they always had. I did fear if I poked too much that they would officially demand payment in full. I kept quiet and felt that it would just be business as usual. I did try at some point to write a check from this line of credit and found out fast that they were not allowing any more funds to be used. I didnt think much of that. I had an equity line of credit with my home for 80k a few years earlier that froze but, the terms never changed. I understand your point about focusing on other aspects of case. I am I think I objected to them effectively in objection with connecticut caselaw. they have not even proven that they own the debt and the accuracy of the amount they are claiming. i am scratching and clawing and will not go down silently.
  13. Brotherskeeper You have been an absolute God send and I truly understand that it is not "one size fits all'. I understand that my particular situation may not fit into the "norm" here but, you and others have given me so much information and it is greatly appreciated!!!! I can not thank you enough for this. I may fail but, the fact that you took the time to read and diagnose my particular has given me great hope in people, in general. I get it, that you may not understand my situation or how I should proceed but, you, and some others here, took the time to assist. That, to me, is the best that anyone could ask for. What ever happens in my case, I win because I found people who truly care about helping others!! Thanks!! Anyways, can I beat these SOB'S? Just kidding.