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  1. THANK YOU all for your responses. Eventually found out that the collector was Assured Payment Solutions. They would not give me an address or a valid fax number in order to send a request that they only contact me via mail. Then when they found out that I was filing a complaint they began calling my phone every 2 minutes and then my husbands phone, telling him information about the car I drive and the my tag number and that they would be by to pick it up. (even though this has nothing to do with my car) Then they started calling my number asking for other people, knowing that this was not the correct number. They called my number as well as my husbands no less than 20 times in a matter of 30 minutes. (Even when I was on the phone with the Attorney General's Office) Brian Stark & Jessica White (fake names I am sure) are a piece of work. BEWARE of any of these numbers. 888-817-9323, 909-281-9280, and 470-729-3131. Do not trust anything they say!!! I fear for older people, at least I knew to get some advice. I have alerted the Attorney Generals Office, Consumer finance, as well as Federal Trade Commission.
  2. I was taken to court in 2008 by OC. They did not show up and it was dismissed. Now today 11 years later, a new company is calling in reference to the debt, stating that it is theft because it was a jewelry credit card. They have called my husband stating they are looking for me to arrest me as well as my supervisor stating they want to serve me papers. They presented themselves as the local police and asked about our serving policies at my place of business. The original debt is at least 16 years old. Can they legally do this and what should I do and who do I report them to?