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  1. Good Morning! i have 21 separate student loans on all three of my reports from 2009-2012. Due to deferments and finally being discharged I never had to make any payments on them. They’re not contributing anything positive to my scores and are a huge annoyance every time I pull my reports which is every week. Is is worth my time to dispute them to see if they’ll remove them? 21 trade lines x 3 reports = 63 separate disputes. I’m retired so it’s not like I don’t have the time Thanks for your input.
  2. I pull my credit reports often and have no trouble receiving them online from Experian and Equifax. Trans Union is always a pain. I get a message that says they can’t provide my report online. If I request it by mail I get a letter back asking for identification. When I send copies of my drivers license, social security and a utility bill they still refuse to provide it. I’ve tried to create an account on their website and it won’t accept my information. Now we’re looking at illegal activity on their part for refusing to provide it. When I call various numbers I get caught in endless recording
  3. I was part of the Equifax data breach so I always question whether or not a communication is legitimate. Even if it is, all they know for sure is that the email address is real because it hasn’t bounced back to them. Since opening the pdf file isn’t a good idea I have no idea what they think they are collecting for. I haven’t received any calls from them. Therefore, it doesn’t make much sense to try and validate an alleged debt without any information about it. Besides, that would cost $7 for a CMRRR and a trip to the post office during a pandemic. So far they have no proof they have contacte
  4. Hi all, I received a collection email from a company called CBE Group that contains a pdf of, I assume, a collection letter. Is it safe to open the pdf? The instructions are to authenticate my details by double clicking on the PDF attachment and enter my zip code to open it. I was warned that the debt collectors would be coming out of the woodwork as soon as stimulus payments were deposited and here they come...it occurs to me that as soon as a I enter any identifying info they know they have the right person. Not going to do that. The only possible collection on my report is 6 1/2 years
  5. Good suggestion. Would that be more likely if I moved from Maryland to Ohio recently?
  6. I received an alert from Credit Karma last week that 29 accounts had been removed from my EQ report. Most of them were old paid off student loans but there were also paid off car loans and an active Discover credit card. In September I disputed 8 addresses that did not belong to me and they were removed. Now they are all back. There are only 3 accounts left that are all more than 10 years old. Of course when I call them I get the excuse that they report what is reported to them but it appears that someone is intentionally screwing with my report in order to make it look bad. I’m 67 years old a
  7. Thank you so much Clydesmom. According to the court clerk the court date on the subpoena no longer exists. Can you please cite exactly which statute he has violated?
  8. I filed the motion in district court based on faulty service and they didn't fight it. It was vacated. A month later I received a subpoena that says I must still show up in court to answer to the interrogatories. I consulted an attorney who says that the case is closed and I should ignore the subpoena. Do they have a right to demand my financial information if the judgment was vacated?
  9. Thank you. I am still confused as to what the second page is for?
  10. I found the pdf form for Virginia online and filled it out. Can any of you critique it so I know I filled it out correctly? The doctor (plaintiff) is nowhere to be found so I have to send the Motion to his attorney. FYI when I lived in California 14 years ago I was a member of this forum and you guys were amazing. That's why this is the first place I turned when I got the Summons. With your help I sued several unlawful creditors and collection agencies and made over 9k, including Toyota for an illegal repossession. Being single and disabled it allowed me to finally get out of CA and move
  11. Thank you all so much for your input. I am searching for an attorney. Hopefully I can find one that is licensed in both Virginia and Maryland. I am confused about the timelines for any recourse I may have: They obtained the default judgment in 2017. In Virginia you only have 21 days to file a Motion To Set Aside a Default Judgment. The Summons To Answer Interrogatories is dated 5/7/2019. Isn't it too late to try and get the judgment vacated for faulty service?
  12. I was insured with the same insurance company and lived at the same address for two years after the surgery and they never billed me or the insurance company. Isn't there a statute of limitations on how long they have to bill for medical services after the date of service? Per their contract with Blue Cross they agree to accept what the insurance company pays. Obviously the scumbag doctor is shaking down his past patients. What about a debt validation/ cease & desist letter to the doctor's office?
  13. What I don't understand is this: I never received a bill after CareFirst BlueCross paid the only two claims submitted by the doctor's office. I paid the copays listed on the EOBs on the dates of service 7 years ago. I never knew about a hearing or continuance. I've lived at my current address for 5 years. I live on Social Security and food stamps so paying them is not an option. Guess I will have to contact Legal Aid.
  14. Yes I moved 6 years ago. I found the case in the Virginia court system online. Apparently there was a hearing in 2017 and a default judgment was entered. I knew nothing about the hearing and was never served.