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  1. I am sorry you're going to through all this!! It shouldn't be this way!!! They're supposed to help us!!! I really appreciate the work you put! I know I am quite late responding to this post because I had it happen to me, but has the problem been resolved? If so, any suggestions for us? Thank you.
  2. Jeremy, could you check with California laws as well, please? I stated prior that my loans were paid off but still got garnished where nothing appeared on my credit report! Help!
  3. Wow...I didn't know that I wasn't the only one going through this. Actually, I just realized I got garnished a month ago. I am quite unclear as to whom I should contact to resolve this matter. What's interesting is that I've already paid off the loan. And they hit me with the same amount plus interest! How's that possible!!! Also, I pulled out a very comprehensive credit report and it showed no liens, no judgments, and no collections on it. And the amount of the garnishment is no where on the credit report! What are my chances of getting this SHUT DOWN!! It's affecting a lot of aspects in my life right now.:( A friend of mine told me to contact credit bureaus and report the issue and also call my congressman's office to assist in the matter. What are your takes on that??? I would love any suggestions you may have!! Thank you.