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  1. Thank you! I will pay off the debt first!! That will help. Thanks again for the responses!!
  2. Hello Everyone, This is my first post. Please let me know if I am not following the forum codes. Citibank is my first credit card in United States. I got that in 2016. I was a college student by then. I didn't use it well and missed the payments. Now it is in Charge off. When I called Citibank about it. They told me its charged off. If I want I can send the payment to the address. (I feel like they are least concerned about it) They are not providing me a email address for me to communicate with them for Pay for delete. Since the amount is only $1800. I am planning to pay them off in full. But as expected my credit score is in 600. I wanted to improve it. What can I do now?