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  1. Hey everyone! I decided to jump on this thread rather the arb thread since I'm clogging that one up and this question is directly linked to this post. So let me get to it... I am trying to settle this account for ~10% of original debt ($5097). Cavalry says the law firm still has possession of this debt after I had called them and they have referred me to contact them to settle account. Since they dropped the case after an MTC for arb was filed (never made it to court), I'm hoping to use that to my advantage to settle this account for a very low amount. I need to get this account off the credit report (which, yes, Cavalry does delete once account is PIF or settled per their own website). I don't know how to really word my request to the law office, but here's my extremely ROUGH DRAFT that will be sent via EMAIL. Any advice, edits or input is appreciated! My goal is to get this paid for as little as possible to move forward with a pre-approval for a mortgage. This account was one of my conditions. To Whom it May Concern: I write this email to you in regards to case NO. *********** As you know, I have tried to arbitrate the case, and your firm decided to drop the case with the Justice Court, Precinct ** of ******* County, without prejudice. Though I do not agree with the debt, I am, however, willing to make an offer to settle this account. I am willing to pay a one lump sum of $500 to settle this matter and have the tradeline deleted from my credit report. If these terms are acceptable, please let me know by accepting these terms. To accept these terms, I will need in writing that this account ending in ****, originally issued by CitiBank, will be settled and erased from all major credit bureaus after receiving a one lump sum of $500. Please also include a link for me to pay online. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely,
  2. Ok, so I called Cavalry and the account is still with the lawyers who dropped the case. How should I approach this when I call to maximize my savings? I have an email address. Should I email and offer a super low one time payment of $500-1k since I've already tried to arbitrate and they walked away and dropped the case? Also, if they are paid, will Cavalry still delete the TL?
  3. Yes, thank you! I'm aware, but want to come at them with the best tactic to settle as low as possible. Original debt is $5097. Was hoping to go in low at $2k one time payment.
  4. Thank you, I was hoping to do you the latter but my lender is requesting that this account be settled for a new home loan.
  5. Sorry, I posted a couple months back on this thread. They dropped the case before it got to the judge for the original suit. I filed an MTC for arb. Case was dismissed without prejudice.
  6. Since the JDB attorney dropped my case back in June in response to my filing of an MTC, who do I call to settle this account at this point? The attorney or Cavalry? If they are unwilling to settle, can I move forward with arbitration with AAA and use that as leverage? Even if the case has been dropped?
  7. I have the letter ready to send. PRA has 2 different addresses to send to. The company address and a separate one for disputes. Should I send the debt validation to corporate?
  8. ktigs


    I will definitely look into this. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  9. ktigs


    Thanks for the swift advice! Yes, but will be out of SOL in a couple months.
  10. ktigs


    They've only left a few voicemails. That's how I found out these calls were from AMEX.
  11. Hey! Question? That's it for the letter? Short and direct? I need to send one to PRA this week: To Whom it May Concern: I dispute this debt and demand validation. Sincerely, xxxxxxx
  12. ktigs


    Hello everyone! My question of the day is about AMEX. We have a charge off for $3700+. It's still with AMEX and has not been sold off. My question is do they have laws they need to abide by as far as how many times they can call the consumer? They call my cell 4-5 times a day. I block the number, and they spoof with another number similar to the one I blocked. They start promptly at 8 am and stop right before 9 pm.
  13. Whatever happened with this? Any updates?
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