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  1. They granted a continuance. My case was still on the docket for this morning, I called and told them my son was still sick, the clerk said the judge had my motion but hadn’t signed it yet, I’m assuming the lawyers for portfolio associates were there, as this was around 10 and my case was set for 10:30, they went to the judge and put me on hold. Said my continuance was granted and I would receive a letter in the mail with a new court date. The letter I sent the judge sent specific dates I couldn’t come based on my sons appointments. We’ll see how that pans out.
  2. They moved my court date from September 17 to September 19.. just 2 days. However, as I’ve mentioned, my son has cerebral palsy and lung disease. He’s sick right now and I’m his care giver. We’re a one income family. If I were to need to request a different court date, how do I do that? Would they do that?
  3. They told me to just ignore it since the judge didn't sign the default judgement, and I had a court date?
  4. the original creditor was Amazon/synchrony. They do have an arbitration agreement in the contract. I went to the courthouse myself and asked about it, and was told they don't grant arbitration by the clerk at the Justice of the Peace which is where they have me submit all my paperwork. The amount is 1,455 and change.
  5. in Texas in Wichita County. I filed my motion to compel in May. I received a court date a couple of weeks ago for September 17th. Then yesterday I received paperwork from PortfolioAssociates. asking for default judgement claiming I never answered their original papers I was served with. I took them to the courthouse to make sure I had a court date, and to ask them about the arbitration. I was told they don't grant arbitration, and I will be going to small claims court and to bring anything with me that might help my case. What might that entail? We got behind on our bills during that tim
  6. @fisthardcheese once i have my paperwork typed up... ( i found some threads of people in Texas that basically had the same stuff with the same people), after sending the paperwork to the courthouse here in my county should I also mail a copy to their lawyer since they provided their address as well or no? Should I send the paperwork ASAP, or wait til the latest day? I received it on the 17th and have 14 days.
  7. I started my post in the wrong area and cant figure out how to delete it, sorry. Just received it yesterday. It’s a lot to type up. I took pics and made an email account and photo account.  If you can’t access it without logging in  I made an email just for that site. and the pw is misha1967 any advice on what to do is appreciated. Thank you!