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  1. When you say I would be in trouble.... what do you mean? What can they do to me? I have no money. I rent my home. I dont have a car payment. Im 49 years old and Ive NEVER been in this type of situation before. Its embarrassing depressing and pretty darn scary.
  2. I only have $700 in my account. Will they take a payment program?! I dont know what to do! I just literally got on my feet.
  3. Ohhh crap I dont have enough money to pay them! Will they demand the $944? I dont have it! I am crapping bricks!
  4. Ive been out of work for TWO YEARS. I was keeping up with payments but things became so critical I had to stop paying on the card. I found a so-so job 2 months ago. (WHOOO HOOO). Anyhow I just got a letter from Discover saying Im $944 past due with a balance of about $6400 and they plan on suing me. Thing is I only have about $700 in my account. I live in Illinois. I have NOOOOO idea what to do! I cant afford an attorney. I cant afford to pay them $944! Plus I have a car repair looming over my head. I am desperate! I need advice. I hope Im posting this in the correct area. Im close to having a panic attack here. A real one. I have an anxiety disorder. PLEASE HELP