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  1. Representation by purchaser on printed form beneath conditional bill of sale not admissible as a business entry but hearsay where he was not a party or a witness.
  2. I would like to view court cases of a particular jdb. Is there a way? I see Pacer and signed up for an account but, not sure if that is exactly what I am looking for.
  3. hi Harry I understand. Just posting to see if anyone had any experience with affidavits from portfolio. Thanks!
  4. i see a few "withdrawal of action" in connecticut cases for debt collections. it seems when they are pressed, they file this. any thoughts? having looked through hundreds of cases, it is obvious that defaults are dominant. when defendants answer and follow through a bit, then you see "withdrawal of action". only a few follow through though.
  5. just trying to get information, not necessarily looking for information pertaining to a specific case.
  6. had a credit card from sears that was opened in 1991 - when sears was in the credit card business-. citigroup now known as citibank bought them out in 2003. would a junk debt buyer need to show bill of sale from sears to citigroup, citigroup to citibank or would citibank to jdb be sufficient, since card was used for years. this card defaulted in 2015
  7. Further, there is no requirement that each document be described in the affidavit, and the trial court points to no authority holding otherwise. Rather, the form affidavit in Section 490.692 makes perfectly clear that indication of the number of pages attached as business records is sufficient and all that is required for the affiant to establish their authenticity as business records. this is for missouri, I need to see if something similiar applies to connecticut. this is what i am refering to when affidavit merely states "documents"
  8. one more thing, on account stated, is it possible that plaintiff would be required to provide complete accounting?
  9. usc, what do you think about computer reliability? there is case law here in connecticut - well, one case in particular - where that can be an issue for jdb.
  10. i take it you would laugh it I said "where their computers reliable?" I noticed cavalry has changed their affidavits to mentions this.
  11. how about affidavit mentions no specific documents that she/he reviewed for accuracy and that are true. How can the affidavit hold water? who supplied these statements with my name? did the affiant review any of them? what is the purpose of his/her affidavit ? Is i to pull everything together? if so, how can that one sheet of paper stating just "the documents" with out referencing what documents accomplish that? And when they say "true copies", is that enough? True and correct or accurate sound more believable. are "the documents" everything? bill of sale, bill of sale and assignment, what ever the attorney representing portfolio decides to attach to it?
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