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  1. Thank y'all so much for the feedback! After the reply from Clydesmom, I did some research regarding letter templates for Texas Finance Code section 392 (also reading the entire code) and found a template that I plan to use. I've scrubbed my credit reports in the past so I am familiar with that process, but I have only had 1 actually proceed with a lawsuit and I fear that may be where this is going. Your thoughts on this template? YOUR NAME YOUR ADDRESS YOUR TOWN TX 7XXXX-XXXX COLLECTION AGENCY CA ADDRESS CA TOWN, XX 987654 February 25, 2014 via certified mail Re: Reference #: XXXXXXX Dear COLLECTION AGENCY: I dispute the validity of this entire debt. I request validation of this debt per Texas Finance Code. I have disputed this debt with the credit reporting agencies and you continue to validate it without providing the information I have requested. Please note Transunion, Experian, and Equifax are bonded in the state of Texas and are required to comply with Texas Finance Code if you fail to meet code requirements. Delete this tradeline if you do not have sufficient time to complete an investigation to validate this debt in 30 days according to Sec. 392.202 (d)(1) For the purpose of validation provide me with: The name and address of the original creditor The original date of default or non-payment of the debt with original creditor The date the debt was transferred from the original creditor to the third party debt collector The original balance The current balance Any fees added by your agency. Sec. 392.303 (a)(2) Texas Surety bond information as required by Sec. 392.101 I am invoking Texas Finance Code 392.202 CORRECTION OF THIRD-PARTY DEBT COLLECTOR'S OR CREDIT BUREAU'S FILES. I request immediate notification by mail if this alleged debt is sold or transerred per Sec. 392.301 (a)(4) Please reply with your response vis US MAIL. Please note I am fully prepared to pursue my rights for the harm this innacuracy has done to me. Sec. 392.403. CIVIL REMEDIES. (a) A person may sue for: (1) injunctive relief to prevent or restrain a violation of this chapter; and (2) actual damages sustained as a result of a violation of this chapter. Sincerely, Me
  2. Thank you to those who are taking the time to read and respond to this. I live in Texas. Debt amount is $722.02 for breaking an apartment rental lease, but in reality, the actual debt amount is $95 less - the agency tacked on a fee. I originally owed $1027.02 and sent 4 $100 money orders but didn't for several months as money became tight. Basically I'm at about month 5 of receiving calls, emails, and letters from a debt collector. I received a letter dated May 10, 2019 and am seeking advice on my next move. "If we do not receive the balance due on your account immediately, we will continue....fully utilize all...statutes governing debt collection practices. Should it become necessary for the original holder of the debt to seek legal remedies against you for the above stated account the debt holder shall not only seek the entire balance in accordance with the original contract due, but also any legally applicable prejudgement and post judgement interest, court costs, and attorney's fees, which totaled together could be considerably more than the original balance due. Mail your balance today to prevent further proceedings or contact us...if you're unable to pay the entire amount due. Failure to bring immediate resolution to this matter will result in escalated collection efforts." Knowing this above and today is 5/23/19, 2 weeks after the letter, what should I do next? Thank you for your help!