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  1. Wow that’s great advice but I don’t want to beat them. I owe the debt and just want to settle out of court. Do you think the lawyers would drop the case and let me do a payment arrangements and cancel Pretrial and going to court? You are a very good lawyer.
  2. File motion to compel. What does that exactly mean? Will that stop the Pretrial? I am trying to just agree and settle out of court. Thank you so much
  3. synchrony credit card I do owe the debt portfolio recovery owes it but won’t talk to me gave me their lawyers number Pollack & Rosen Thanks for your help.
  4. I just received notice I am being sued for 1,100. Pollack & Rosen is suing me. They have filed papers with the clerk of courts and a pretrial date has been set for a month from now. This is from a Walmart credit card from jan 2016. (Florida) Questions can I get this pretrial cancelled if I settle out of court for the amount they requested? (Call them or email them?)Do they offer (payment plans for settlements?) What other fees do I have to pay besides court cost and settlement? Am I responsible for their attorney fees? How will I be served? What if I don