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  1. Hello I received a summons from Midland and in lieu of an “answer” I filed a MTC arbitration and my court date has been set for August. I’ve been reading everything I can on here but I can’t help but be a little scared. I’ve never been in a court room before. I’m educating myself solely through this forum and I feel confident I can do this. But I’m still nervous. Any advice is welcome and greatly appreciated!
  2. I’m brand new here. Never been sued before for anything. Got a summons from Midland, logged into their website and looked up the account. This is for a Walmart card charged off 2 years ago with a balance of $1200. I have made NO PAYMENTS to Midland whatsoever but they are showing TWO PAYMENTS for $150 each credited to my account last month, after the summons was issued. What can I do with this? Can I use it against them?