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  1. I need to find Iowa's equivalent to Texas' Civil Practice and Remedies Code 146.003 Certain Claims Barred. Is there any way to cross reference one state's rules with anothers'?
  2. 1. I'm in Iowa 2. Sued by Cavalry SPV, I LLC for unpaid dental credit card, hearing date set for 6/25/19. 3. Question: Would I have a leg to stand on if I brought a dentist and her company into my case by filing a Petition Against Third Party Defendants against them for Fraudulent Business Practices? Due to their lies and deceit I was coerced into an $800 Care Credit Account. After being told for 12 months that they were filing claims for me and assuring me that $1439 would be paid by my insurance, they tell me I can't have my final dentures until I cough up that $1439 that "my insurance didn't pay and they didn't know why". On another phone call I was told they didn't partner with my insurance! Called my insurance company-they never received a single claim in my name and it was too late to file then because there was a 6 month statute of limitations. Being a travel nurse at the time, I didn't always have insurance but I did at that time and that is why I had the procedure done then. I would have had no problem filing my own claim if I had only known I needed to. I'm afraid that LEGALLY they have no duty to file insurance claims but I don't think they should lead people to believe that that is what they are doing all along and then holding their dentures for ransom until they get their money one way or another. So if I'm way out to lunch here, I won't be surprised. Any thoughts?