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  1. Hi I have a similar issue. I have NOT been served I received a letter from a lawyer office informing me of the suit I have no idea what the suit is pertaining to. I went online to the court letter said it was filed in and sure enough there was a case filed on the 16th OF MAY 2019. I looked it said SUMMONS WAS ISSUED AND FILED on 16th May 2019 here is what the docket says.. case type: RULE 3.740 COLLECTIONS on Docket ROA line 6 it says PAYMENT RECEIVED BY LEGALCONNECT FOR 170-COMPLAINT OR OTHER 1ST PAPER <=$10K IN THE AMOUNT OF 225.00 TRANSACTION NUMBER 12554682 AND RECIEPT NUMBER 12378567 line 7 E-FILING TRANSACTION 3795166 RECEIVED ON 05/24-2019 08:52-28 AM LIKE I SAID I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THIS IS ABOUT? OR WHO THE COMPANY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO DO PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER ME ..