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  1. So I sent a debt validation letter and they sent me the mother load of verification lol. What should be my next step? Should I even fight this in court?
  2. So what happens if they proceed to sue without replying to my certified letter?
  3. Aww man. Then it was kinda pointless to even send the letter. They could just look up my credit and see all the info they need.
  4. Yes I just put all the address info, file number and said this is not a refusal to pay but validation is requested regarding this debt. If I do not heard back within 30 days from the date, I will assume this was sent in error and not a debt I am required to pay. They gave me 30 days so I’m giving them 30 days. I got it certified and now I wait.
  5. Well I sent the verification letter today from a pallet I found on this website. Thanks for all you guys help.
  6. One more thing, once I either get an answer or not regarding the debt validation, should I try to settle? Also, do they usually want all the money up front or is a payment plan possible?
  7. I owe $4,857.06. So do I need to hire a lawyer for arbitration or is that something I can do alone when we proceed to court? You guys are amazing btw. Thank you so much
  8. I read this entire article. I didn’t see anything about a 3rd party potentially taking legal action against me due to a debt owed to lending club. It’s kinda stressful because I’ve never had a debt collector contact me through a lawyer before. I’m not familiar with how this goes. Thats why I was wondering if I should proceed with debt validation to the law firm issuing the 30 day notice or wait to see what they do. Thank you guys tremendously for the help.
  9. Ok then I’m confused. Should I even ask for debt validation from Malen & Association or wait to be served? I never signed an agreement with Velocity but yet they are pursuing me for another company’s debt. The LendingClub is not pursuing so I have no reason to dispute them on my credit report. However, I have nothing on my report from Velocity yet they are about to sue me.
  10. No, only the lending club. I’ve never heard of Velocity before today.
  11. And then what? Also, should I dispute it through a written letter to Malen & Associates or through a credit bureau? Thank you btw
  12. Hello, I received an acknowledgment of debt letter from Malen & Associates P.C regarding a 2017 unsecured loan from LendingClub Corp. What’s weird is it says the client is Velocity Investments LLc and ive never heard of them. Should I ask them to validate this debt? I’m in NY. Thank you