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  1. No, it was totally a levity thing. The contents of my own mind are the one thing over which I must insist on retaining sole purview, so you'll just have to trust me on this one. I obviously however failed to convey my intent, and for that, I'm actually going to go against my own previous advice and apologize---in hope of a stay of execution.
  2. My admission of a motive of procrastination does not affect the sincerity and value of my comments about civility otherwise. My attempt at ending on a note of levity after making my point well enough is no reason for a sentence of death. Should I have added a smiley maybe?
  3. Okay, look, the real reason I chimed-in is because I'm procrastinating. I'm here because I should be researching my brief. Don't think me ungrateful for your feeding of my needs.
  4. The phrase, "For those savvy enough", is not an insult. Victim card not redeemable here. My point about civility stands, and my motive which you're trying to assign on my behalf is rooted in appreciation for all that I have learned from this forum. To lob the first insult never makes a meaningful point more intelligent or compelling. For this forum in particular, readers are best to view the motives of those who bully with a healthy dose of skepticism. Note that I don't think you're a bully. I do think you're often a downer, but as long as you're not being insulting, and gi
  5. There's no need to apologize to members of this forum who refuse to treat you with civility. Just ask yourself why they would behave that way. Also don't let their behavior---and odd tendency to mix-in tales of personal past woe---taint what still is an incredible resource thanks to contributions made by some rare individuals truly deserving of sainthood. Your comment that "the burden of proof is on them" is the most on-point statement on the page, at least as a response to what may be otherwise demotivating points---valid or not---being made. Because, if the mission of this forum is
  6. Brotherskeeper, thank you again for your outstanding responses. I'm grateful for having received your attention and advice.
  7. Thank you for asking. What happened when I inquired was hilarious. I hope to get back to you on that with as much detail as possible, but please give me some time.
  8. A debt collection law firm claims that Capital One is the plaintiff in a complaint against me. This thread is about how to get from Capital One, and only from Capital One, confirmation that Capital One agrees that it is indeed the plaintiff in the complaint. Everything else is a tangent. Tangents are fine, but those who can't understand the difference should post elsewhere. Clydesmom's last post above is very helpful. She says there is no way, she gives reasons why, she's not being personally insulting about it, she's not mischaracterizing my point to make it easier to brush-of
  9. Brotherskeeper, thank you very much. I appreciate your help. On my own I've uncovered a few other potential leads but am still trying to verify their relevance.
  10. Oh, I'll whine if I wanna whine. I may win my case or I may lose. Neither outcome will improve the IQ level on display in some these comments.
  11. Me as an intelligent grown adult being bullied by precocious kindergarteners wouldn't be more ridiculous a situation than this one. It's simple, people. If there is indeed no way for me to independently verify that the firm who filed the paperwork for the complaint against me represents the entity they are claiming to be plaintiff, particularly in a case involving debt collection, then that's an arrangement conducive to deceit, period. That's regardless of whether such deceit is in my case occurring, which currently is unknowable, nor whether it has occurred in the case of anyone, ever.
  12. On second thought, bmc100's "Step-by-Step for JDBs" approach probably is all wrong for my situation. I was confused by all of my open browser tabs and strategy possibilities. Simply put, I think the documentation sent with the complaint seems weak, and that if I challenge the suit they won't be able to easily produce better details, on my hunch that the original creditor is not in fact a party to the suit in spite of what they're portraying. My instinct therefore is to want to point-out to the court the flaws in what they've provided, but I'm working on figuring-out the appropriate t
  13. BV80, I hear you, and, again, I am going to follow-up. I promise. I of course want all of the help I can get, but on a practical level this thread was meant by me to focus on only one potential attack angle out of many. In my 300 other open browser tabs is where I'm studying the more conventional approaches. It's not that I'm not listening or that I'm trying to be difficult. It's that my intent has been that this thread should remain fringe. If the desire is to shift the discussion instead to, "Here's how we always do it.", well, my other browser windows have got that covered. A thre
  14. Indeed, it is frustrating to read threads on legal advice forums where the person asking the question or stating his or her problem never comes back to report the final outcome. And, nearly all threads are like that. I don't have a court appearance today, though I am running out of time to file my answer. I am juggling multiple life realities currently of course, and there might be some delays in my responses as things unfold, but, I do hope to follow through on everything here out of gratitude for all of the feedback. It's not clear to me how anyone knows for sure that Capital One,
  15. I think I've figured-out what's missing, i.e., why I smell a rat. I guess I'm either Erin Brockovich or I'm an idiot---one of those two. Probably others will let me know. To me, it always needs to come back to the business model. That's why I'm insisting on the existence of a needle in this haystack that others say cannot be. Galileo knew things didn't add-up, so he looked deeper and found the truth. Galileo texted me that shifting focus to credit report notations at this time would be premature, though I do intend to provide those too, and I'm grateful that you care enough abo