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  1. I have been going through the rules and can't find anything stating that this action is improper... But I'll keep looking! I'll work on the objection as well. Thanks again!
  2. I did request for a stay with my MTC. It's not listed on the court website, but it was on the motion. The court will usually call out lawyers if they misfile or try to pull anything janky, I've scanned hundreds of other cases while dealing with my own, and the court's not afraid to blast them on the website when they are in error... So that leads me to think that this dismissal is okay as far as them filing for it because the court didn't say anything else, just that I needed to be served the dismissal as well. So, do I need to wait to get the dismissal before I file an objection? Thanks for chiming in, @fisthardcheese!
  3. Trying not to celebrate, but... Yeah 😀 Once I get that piece of paper, I'll come back here and will be thanking some people for sure!
  4. So, update. I sent my demand to JAMS a little while ago, and then came across this on the court website... Does it mean what I think it means? *crosses fingers*
  5. Also, how would I got about getting Absolute to foot the arbitration bill since that option is in the cc clause?
  6. They sent a signed copy of the order in a PDF attachment. Can I use this?
  7. Just got an email from the court system; " Order granting Motion for Stay of Proceeding due to Arbitration ". I believe I should now fill out the JAMS paperwork?
  8. I am planning on using JAMS, so no argument from me.
  9. Okay, I misunderstood that there will be 2 separate responses. I now have a "Motion" filing, and an "Answer". The exhibit is attached to the motion, and everything is signed. I'll file and mail today Thank you!
  10. Done. I'm mailing the card member agreement as well right? (exhibit A)
  11. I've been reading the Arbitration overview, good stuff. I don't know if we HAVE to use those forms, but there are a boat load of them on the court website and I grabbed what I thought would work.. Would you please see the attached and tell me if I'm getting warm in regards to an answer? Thank you very much for your help! Side note, I'm sure the Arbitrator would love a day trip to Alaska. civ-481a.pdf
  12. Would I use these forms to answer and demand arbitration? civ-481.pdf civ-805.pdf