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  1. Thank you everyone who commented! So,i talked to a lawyer very briefly in Illinois and yes my car is safe! Thank God!!!
  2. Hi! I was recently served papers and i’m being sued by Midland Funding LLC/Blitt and Gaines PC. For debt in the amount of $2,500 with Commenity Victoria’s Secret. Before i ask my question..a little background on me. I am a married stay at home mom with 2 kids. I live in Illinois. I do not have any income as i haven’t had a job for 11 years. I do receive SNAP/state insurance. Nothing is in my name EXCEPT for my vehicle. It is the only thing i own outright that is solely in my name. I did a Kelly blue book and it’s worth at most $3,500. It is how i get my kids to and from school every day,etc. Now,my question....when i go to court for this(July) can they take my car to pay back this debt that i owe??? I am freaking out! Should i consider putting it in my husbands name? I don’t know what to do. Please help!!