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  1. I will review the case that you submitted but I think it's important that I respond to the initial request and then follow up after I find out about procedural process. I doubt that responding to the initial request is participating in discovery for a lengthy period of time. My greater concern is responding to this question: 18. That there are no disputed material facts requiring a trial. DENIED to the extent that no admissible evidence establishing use of the unproven account was provided for evaluation.
  2. Formulating the answers to the last 2: 18. That there are no disputed material facts requiring a trial. 19. That you admitted being the card holder of the Synchrony Bank Walmart credit card account ending in 0522 in the answer to the complaint.
  3. I agree however I don't have time to find out what, where, or how court requires this process and I'm not finding it through the VT Judiciary site at the moment so I think it's reasonable for me to deny the Plaintiff's discovery and then if i need to file an amended answer or a MTC arbitration I can do so after. Any holes in this plan?
  4. I'm still trying to find out whether I need to raise an affirmative defense or file an MTC arbitration. Also, it states I need to respond to the first interrogatories, requests, and admissions withing 30 days of service but WHAT happens if I don't?
  5. Thanks! I have previously filed a motion to continue as I was away during the scheduled Status Conference, that got rescheduled for July 11 and then was subsequently canceled by the court. Do I post date the Interagatorries etc to cover my tail while I figure out what VT Civil Court requires for arbitration? ALL of these should be answered: OBJECTION: this information is immaterial to the complaint as filed and not relevant to determining if the Defendant incurred a debt and is obligated to pay to the Defendant. OBJECTION: this information is immaterial to the complaint as filed
  6. "The Plaintiff is not the original credit card company or lend and the Defendant does not believe the Plaintiff has the right to sue for this purported debt." Defendant asks that the court dismiss this case as the defendant cites failure of consideration by the plaintiff". I realize now though that the Complaint is the following 8 complaints: 1. Plaintif is a corporation with its principal place of business at 120 corporate blvd norfolk va 2. The defendants reside in VT 3. On 8/18/13 Defedant opend a credit acct w/ original creditor synchrony bank assigned acct # 4. D
  7. Hi all, I really wish I had come across this site sooner than my deadline (tomorrow) to respond to the interrogatories, production, and admissions because I would have been able to sift through more responses here. Would anyone be willing to review what I have answered (many from this site, thanks!) and help with some answers that I have left out? I lost some steam and ideas to respond with around #8. I've "beat" the rent a lawyer from this office once in small claims and had a case dismissed but this one is large enough to be in Civil Court and I don't want to shoot myself in