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  1. I had a preliminary title search done on my house in San Francisco. I found a judgement for Midland for about $9043. I had never been notified. I had never heard of this. It is not on my credit report. I called Midland and it turns out to be a credit card that had been charged off in 2010. On the charge off statement on Midland's website the total due was approx. $7000. The judgement was on October 2, 2018. Does anyone know if there is a statute of limitations? Is there anything I can do about this?
  2. I just found this conversation. I just found a judgement recorded as a lien on my house in San Francisco, CA. I have never heard of Midland Funding before and I had no idea of the suit. It is not on my credit file and don't know anything about it. The judgement was entered September 12, 2018. It is for $9043.81. Is there anything I can do?