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  1. Wow, just giving info that I've google and know researched, I'll leave the forum since you people think everyone is spamming. You people are giving all the wrong info, but whatever!
  2. One of the good things about your credit report is that negative information and closed accounts are deleted so that you can rebuild damaged credit history. A closed account with late payments in its history will be deleted seven years from the original delinquency date of the account. Unless you go through a Credit Repair company who can remove it sooner.
  3. What letters are you using?
  4. If the debt is sold to a collection agency you never have to pay it, just dispute it with the proper letters, if they can not verify the information they have to delete it. I would not be talking to the collections agency if it is already on your credit report, I'll send my letter to the credit bureaus. If it hasn't made it to the credit bureaus then you can send a letter to that agency. They will not be able to verify the info which means they have to close the collection case.