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  1. I'd like to make a final post on this case to wrap up the loose ends, as many of these forum posts end in radio silence when they don't hit a "textbook" happy ending. Let this case and discussion be a lesson for those who deal with related JDB lawsuits in the future, and learn from the mistakes I've made. LISTEN TO THESE WONDERFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE INDIVIDUALS. Your local attorney may not be dispensing advice in your best interest, but the folks here on this forum do their best. I made an erroneous decision to follow the advice of a lawyer who instructed me to simply file an appearance in c
  2. I appreciate your honesty on this, and it makes complete sense. After filing with the court, my case has disappeared from Washington State records--at least online. I've searched wherever applicable and there's nothing. I'll update further as events unfold.
  3. Thanks Robby, that’s quite the typo. I’ve faxed, mailed, and filed my Notice of Appearance with DC of Whatcom County. Pretty straightforward. I’ll update when I get a response. The deadline is this Thursday for filing so think I made it in time. Don’t know what to expect, but I’ll have enough for a settlement real soon. Hopefully, won’t need to stand before a Judge with this route.
  4. For any of those interested in hearing the progression of this civil case, here's an update. I've seen a local lawyer familiar with the judge, financial cases like these, and Whatcom county law--I laid out what I planned to do and he said prospects were grim, at least LOCALLY. Washington isn't the best place for fighting lawsuits like these. He strongly advised against anything more than filing a Notice of Appearance. Other clients who've gone against his advice have gotten swift Summary Judgments for answering instead of simply appearing, or ended up paying more than their debt owed at s
  5. BV80, I appreciate the clarification, and have removed text mentioning the Arbitration procedure for wills, trusts, and probate. I wouldn't have noticed. I've updated my MTC with the additional recommended case law, and added a certificate of service. There are a few questions I have about the MTC. @fisthardcheese stated earlier today that electing for a dismissal isn't advisable; should I remove all instances mentioning dismissal in my MTC, and argue only for Arbitration & a stay of proceedings? And, I'm not sure I can get an affidavit in time to file--will simply stapling my p
  6. I think I see where you're coming from. If I'm understanding correctly, if the case is dismissed in court before Arbitration, they're effectively off the hook if they don't abide by procedure. And can then regather themselves and retry the case? I recall a recent thread on here where, after dismissal, the Plaintiff retained new counsel and pursued a fresh lawsuit.
  7. This is immensely helpful, Robby8900, thank you for the examples and case law. I'm going to see if there's more cases in Washington I can draw from as well. For the sake of documenting this route, I'd like to include some links to Washington resources on this matter. The more information consolidated on this forum the better! Compelling and Staying Arbitration in Washington State Washington State Legislature - Arbitration Procedure Washington State Legislature - Motion to Compel or Stay Arbitration
  8. Here's what I've drafted for my MTC. Referred to the Arb. thread sample and a few State of Washington MTCs. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Incredibly grateful for this forum and the multitude of folks willing to take the time to coach us newbies. Without it, I imagine I'd still be freaking out. MOTION TO COMPEL redac.pdf
  9. Oh, wow, so there’s quite a precedent. Going into this, I felt as if the odds were stacked in the accuser’s favor.
  10. Good point, getting ahead of myself here. Starting on the draft MTC tonight, I’ll post what I have when finished. I’m assuming the entire card agreement must be attached, unlike in arbitration; researching how to phrase an affidavit when I get home. I’ll update on the court statuses as well. I should have a lump-sum ready by the summons deadline—if the MTC is denied, strongly considering pitching a settlement right then & there.
  11. Understood. I appreciate the information regardless. I’ll hold off on the AAA material.
  12. Awesome, made the changes per your advice. This may be trivial, but on the bottom with the page number, would I still keep the subject as "Actions and Affirmative Defenses Page 2"? Or is it only admissible with the subject "Certificate of Service Page 2"? I may go ahead and file these tomorrow, if it's free or can be waived, and work on the MTC and file that on Friday. It seems a bit more in depth. I've begun filling out the form for AAA but it's my understanding to turn this in after the MTC has been granted.
  14. Robby8900, Thanks for this resource, I compared this with Whatcom County's examples. Here's what I came up with. ANSWER REDAC.docx CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE REDAC.docx NOTICE OF APPEARANCE REDAC.docx
  15. Thank you Fisthardcheese! I appreciate the loads of advice offered. I’ll edit my affirmative defense once I rewrite my drafts. I think I may have been confused regarding the court fees, it looks like they only apply to initiating a Whatcom County DC case; there’s no information about answering so I’m assuming it’s free like you said. Filing a motion will cost $25.