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  1. OK. Thanks. I will let him know all that.
  2. One of my best guys I work with turned in his resignation because he got that AWG letter, so his plan is to just keep job hopping. I'm trying to convince him to stay and work something out, but his 60K in student loans keeps going way up. We don't make much, so I told him he could do that income based repayment until he starts to make more, but he is pretty jaded and defiant. He says that it takes 9 months to officially default, so his brilliant plan was sending in a small payment every 8 months, but that obviously didn't work. How long can he stay at his new job before they track him down again?
  3. Thanks guys. I watch the court websites like a hawk.
  4. I had three lawsuits from JDB's filed against me last year in TN, but was never able to be served. I was living with my brother at the time and we never answer the door for anyone unless we know them. Too many salesmen and boy scouts and charities, etc. We also weren't home a lot from working so much. The county's court website says 'Not served, NTBF ' on all three (not to be found.) One had an alias summons and the Sheriff showed up, but I had moved out by then and my brother told him I didn't live there anymore, so it says "alias not served, no longer at this address" One lawyer filed for non-suit, but the other two are in limbo, and I am wondering what they will do next. I moved from one county to another, and they haven't filed anything here yet on this county's court website. I haven't gotten new registration or license with this address on it yet, but I did file a change of address form with the USPS. I keep my eye on both county court websites and there hasn't been a change in a while.
  5. LOL! The next day I got a regular mail letter from Javitch Block.
  6. I'm looking at online court dockets, and it looks like some people close their checking accounts and/or quit their jobs to avoid having judgments against them collected on. There are no entries after that. What do the JDB and Creditor lawyers do about that? A Judgment debtors exam?
  7. Turns out it was a replacement cell phone I ordered and forgot about. Took them long enough to send it.
  8. It originated in Orange, CT. I don't know anyone there. It might be a Christmas card or something, or present, but nobody I know sent me anything else. I got all my packages for Christmas from friends and relatives already, unless someone wants to surprise me.
  9. ^ maybe. Both FDCPA and TCPA, but there is the matter of proof. There are just a bunch of people reporting who the numbers really are on the internet.
  10. OK, thanks. I haven't gotten one yet, but I want to be prepared to dispute it if they do.
  11. Good idea. thanks. They have at least 4 of my old defaulted cc accounts. They keep spoofing ll local phone Numbers and sometimes they spoof mine for other debtors. I get angry messages from people telling me to quit calling them when I never have.
  12. I've been reading up on JDB's filing a 1099-C with the IRS to get even with debtors who don't pay them. Supposedly, you file some sort of dispute with the IRS in response, claiming the 1099-C is defective or fraudulent. The information I've found is kind of vague, though. Is there a form you send the IRS, or is it just a dispute letter denying the debt is legit?
  13. I've gotten two credit monitoring alerts that Portfolio has lowered the balance I owe them by small amounts over the past 4 months. Like $35 and $90. Are they trying to make it look like I've been sending payments?
  14. Thanks guys. i forgot about that info on my credit report being there. i haven't had to do all this i more than 10 years.