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  1. I am in the process of buying a house. The Underwriter has found a judgement that we knew nothing about. Because the company (Hudson and Keyse went out of business we can get no information about the debt or who we can pay. Hudson and Keyse was a debt buyer down the chain. They went bankrupt in 9/7/2010 chapter 7. That case was finished with final decree issued case closed on 5/23/2019. I had to sign up for Pacer and pay but I found out that under Debtor Disposition it says Discharge Not Applicable. I see no one on list of creditors that we could owe money to. The statute of limitations here in North Carolina is 10 years with a chance at 10 year renewal. No one has renewed the judgement. It runs out 07/31/19 at the end of the month. The underwriter is holding up the loan to clear this judgement. What can I do. There is no one to pay, because we don't where the debt came from. No place to find out that information. I know that there are only three ways to clear a judgement. Vacate, Satisfy or Discharge. You need information to do those things and I have no information about what this is. What can I do?
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