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  1. Hi ClydesMom, I just realized that I never came back and updated you. The plaintiff asked to dismiss the case without prejudice (they can reopen case if they want in future). The judge was awesome. He explained it all to us and he told their surrogate lawyer that they better get all of the insurance stuff in line before they even think of bringing this up in his courtroom again. He said he didn't appreciate how Stenger and Stenger basically ignored his order to contact the insurance company. He told us that he doubts they will ever come back after us for this since they didn't do their homework. All in all, it was a fun experience that I wouldn't wish on anyone LOL. I could not have done it without your help. You were amazing! Thanks again!
  2. Hi ClydesMom, Court did not allow a pre-trial motion 28 days prior to trial. Court date coming up quickly, do you have any suggestions for the 2 scenarios that I can think of: They don't show for the court date (most likely since they did not answer our 1st set of Interrogatories, etc...). What do ask the judge for in a way to remove this from her credit report and not allow them to go after her again for this debt? If they (or a surrogate local lawyer like before) show up. I already know if they want to negotiate any settlement before court that I am going to flat out say no and go to trial. Is there any motion I should make before the judge to get this dismissed? Or something else? Again, I want to say how much I appreciate you taking time from your bust schedule to assist on this forum. You and the others that help are truly a blessing to all of us that need assistance! Thanks!
  3. HI Clydesmom! I was out of town the last few weeks and have been working on our motion for summary judgement. When searching for some supporting case law, I came across an article that highlighted a change in Ohio starting July 1st, 2019 it states: Our trial is set for November 1st. 28 days prior to that was yesterday. Does this mean I can't file the motion for summary judgement or am I reading that wrong? Thanks again for all of your help.
  4. Good morning Clydesmom! I was out of town last week and decided to check the online case access before I started to draft my Motion for Summary Judgement. It appears that on 9\16\2019 (yesterday) there was a court date set for 11/1/2019. The plaintiff still has not answered our questions etc. I have not received anything in the mail and online case access still shows that they have not filed answers yet. I just wanted to check with you to see if I should draft up the Motion for Summary Judgement and submit it to the court. Your help is always appreciated!
  5. There is no trial date set. I will start working on it and will post a redacted copy for you to review. You are so helpful!!!!
  6. I did not file a counter claim at the time as my wife did not feel comfortable doing so at that time. I know you suggested to file a counter claim but I did add the following to my answers to their requests for admissions: Should I now file a counter claim? I hope I did not mess anything up not doing so. I sent the plaintiff the documents via CMRR on July 24th, 2019. The receipt showed that they signed for the documents on July 29th, 2019. I personally filed my paperwork (Notice of Compliance and Defendants 1st set of Interrogatories, etc...) on July 26th, 2019 and they are stamped that day. They were recorded that same day according to the online case access. Thanks again for your help on this, you really are a life saver.
  7. @Clydesmom, It has been 37 days since I submitted to the court my Defendants First Set of Interrogatories, Request For Admissions, and Request For Production of Documents. I sent the plaintiff my answers the same day (thanks again for your help!). The plaintiff also received their copies of my answers as well as my requests via certified mail, 2 separate packages (I have copy of receipts) on the same day. The plaintiff has yet to answer either me or the court. Can I file any documents to get this case thrown out? In my requests, I gave them twenty-eight days upon receipt (which is the same time frame they gave me). I appreciate your help!
  8. Thank you. I will let you know how it goes.
  9. Thank you for your help Clydesmom. Do you have any suggestions for my answers to their questions? Should I answer the questions and send my return question, etc that you listed in the same document / filing? I really do appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to help out on here!!!
  10. Thank you so much! You are amazing. Let me review tonight and I will get back ASAP.
  11. Redacted file attached. I appreciate any help. I did not know it was a COURTESY for them to bill the insurance. I have tried in the past to send stuff in to my insurance company but was told they needed more information like billing codes which I do not have. Thanks again! redacted.pdf
  12. Last year Stenger and Stenger filed a court case in my local courthouse for 2 bills dating Dec 2014 and Dec 2015 to Emergency Prof Services. They never billed my correct insurance company and I did not pay them. I countless times gave them the correct info. I still have no record on my insurance for them filing a claim to get paid. We went to Civil contested hearing last october (stenger motioned for a phone hearing but the judge denies it so they hired a local lawyer to represent them). The judge said they needed to do more work to find out why the insurance was not billed. Now I received a " Plaintiff's First Set of Interrogatories, Request for Admission, Request for Production of Documents, and Notice of Service" packet. What should I do, I can list all of the questions if needed. Would appreciate any help with this. Thanks!
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