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  1. Yes, plus interest. When all payments under the agreement are received and clear escrow account the attorney agrees to provide a Stipulation of Discontinuance with Prejudice. Do you think I may be able to get them to delete the entire TL?
  2. LVNV is showing I owe X amount. I agreed to a lesser amount. I've been paying for years so the actual amount is MUCH less. Can I dispute with all 3 CRA to reflect the correct amount or with LVNV?
  3. Ok, so I'll continue paying. I was hoping there was a way to get out of the Stipulation. Thank you as always @BV80
  4. Good morning, I have a stipulation with LVNV Funding LLC represented by Stephen Einstein & Associates, P.C. I've paying for a couple of years. I received a letter from a new law firm stating that they took over the law firm and all their cases. They have the same phone number and address as the previous law firm. I had an account with the previous law as S.E. # and the new law firm account number is MATTER same numbers as previous. Do I have any course of action? The credit report still shows LVNV not a specific law firm. Thank you.
  5. In the main pages of Credit Info Center it talks about negotiating with the OC that is fine to pay over the phone with a personal check and a CA should be paid with certified check. What's the procedure with the OC hires CA? Can someone please review the attachment for me? "Settled" is the only thing I was able to get out of talking to them but does that mean the balance will be zero or does it have to explicitly say it?
  6. One would think the incentive would be the debt forgiven instead of settlement offer.
  7. lol...it does sounds crazy but as soon as I read it I started Googling about it. Thanks for laugh.
  8. Thanks for the input, I greatly appreciate it. No need to go that drastic as in BK for $9k.
  9. Thank you @WhoCares1000. The bear was sleeping and I poked hence, why I said I'll probably be receiving a letter. I called twice in one week and received the same response so they're probably thinking I'm going to cave in.
  10. Thanks, I thought as much. Fortunate for them but unfortunate, for me I can't wait for the extra couple of years for it to drop so I have to take what I can. The Carson Smithfield hasn't been aggressive. I'm not sure if they even attempted to call me. I get emails from them but it goes directly to my junk mail. CMS is the one that calls and monthly sends mail to pay the full amount.
  11. Credit Union charged off my account but retain ownership. They hired Carson Smithfield collection agency for retrieval. I contacted them to agree on a settlement for lesser than the full amount to settled in full/zero balance but they won't accept. Does anyone know any negotiating strategies that I would get the outcome I'm looking for? Thank you.
  12. I tried a 2nd time today with BFCU (Carson Smith) and it was denied, even at 50% of the debt they won't satisfy the account in full with a zero balance. They are standing firm that I would have to pay the full amount. The account is with the OC and they hired Carson Smithfield to not waste their resources on charge-offs. To @BV80 point the bank has no reason to agree to accept less and consider the account paid in full (0 balance). Anyone know of negotiation strategies to accomplish this? Is there a contract between Bethpage Federal Credit Union and Carson Smithfield that after a cert
  13. I contacted both OC they confirmed they still own the accounts but I would have to deal with the CA. BoA (CMS): After going back and forth with a rep a manager came and was willing to do about 35% but was not willing to send a letter stating paid in full. Of course, they said they can't PTD but doesn't hurt asking. (I did not accept their offer) BFCU (Carson Smith): No, negotiating. I said, if we can't come an agreement there isn't a reason to continue talking. Her replied was we didn't come to an agreement and I'm marking you as refusal to pay. Sounds like I may be getting a
  14. I was asking can I get it removed without paying. Yes or No?