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  1. Ok I was served summons, being sued by a Debt Buyer (July 20, 2019) I recently just submitted to the Courthouse (California) My answer w/ Affirmative Defenses (A few days ago) MTC "Private/Contractual Arbitration and Dismiss or in Alternative, to stay proceedings pending arbitration" It wasn't until today I noticed I missed a step. I totally forgot to attach a "General Denial - PLD-050" to include with my answer at the courthouse. I was looking at the Proof of Service form also in which I had to include the General Denial for the plaintiff. Is my filing in error since its all without General Denial Form, even though my answer has affirmative defenses? Am I screwed, because it is well past 30 days now to submit the Denial? Can I add a general denial now after the fact to attach to my already filed answer? Will this all change the process of the Proof of Service form I have to send to the Plaintiff?