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  1. Well that is a good idea. I'm not sure how the rules read on that and i will have to check. It would be nice to have with prejudice to have this gone once and for all. I will check on this and see if i can figure out how an objection should look and read. Thanks for the info @fisthardcheese
  2. I just wanted to thank everyone for the info and help that has been provided. @wernda1234 , @Jimmy E, & @fisthardcheese You have been a true blessing. I will update as soon as something is filed with the next case. I too hope it goes as smoothly as the first.
  3. So here is the letter i got back from the first JDB. dismissal credit corp Redact.pdf
  4. @Jimmy EThanks so much for the info. I did call and check one time since i had filed the MTC and nothing had changed in my file. I am glad the process will be the same on the circuit level. Was worrying that it might be completely different. Whats the likely outcome of this 11k case. Just in your opinion. Will they follow all the way through Arb or try to settle?
  5. That I never got an answer on. I asked the clerks but they really had no idea. I filed the MTC with the court and she put it in my case file. I also sent a copy to the JDB but IDK if there is something else i need to do. I will call again and see what i can find out.
  6. Thanks @wernda1234. Its been well over the allowed time. Does that generally mean that they have moved on? EDIT: I miss read your statement. I see that they are not required to respond so i am assuming that the case is still valid and will continue as normal. I am going to work on the answer and get it filed this week if all goes well. This is circuit court this time vs civil last go around. Is there anything i should be aware of between the two?
  7. Well it finally happened! Got served on the 26th of by Velocity Investments. Faber and Brand are the attorneys on this one. This debt is for 11k and it does contain an arbitration clause also. So i will be working up an answer sheet to get turned into the court. Dont wanna get behind on this one. As for the previous suit nothing has been filed in return to the MTC yet. Hoping that's a good thing. Maybe they walk away from it. I filed on the 1st of August so its been almost 30 days.
  8. @wernda1234 Thanks for the info. Lets see what happens. I Have yet to be served from the other one. Its just around the corner though. Proud they delayed long enough to get the first one started.
  9. OK...so the MTC is officially filed today! I couldn't really get an answer on if i needed to set up a hearing date for the MTC. So I just filed it and sent a copy to the lawyer. Idk what happens at this point so if anyone has advice or suggestions please let me know.
  10. @BackFromTheDebt You are very right. I know a lot of the people in this county and they know me because of the work I do here. I am by no means saying they are my friends in any sense. I totally get where you are coming from and I don't figure I have any favors waiting on me. I guess we shall just wait and see what happens. Hopefully the outcome will be good for me and not the golfing buddies!!
  11. I think my MTC is finalized and I'm going to the court house to file it this afternoon. I will also be sending a copy to the attorney via certified mail. I started the form from AAA this morning. Should I wait to send it in until after I hear something back from the court?
  12. @Jimmy E This is a small town and I know almost everyone. I know both clerks well. Getting them stamped and filed should be the easy part. When I called this morning she told me that she dint really have any idea how to do a motion or even what an MTC was. She did say she would stamp and put a copy in my file though which sounds like that all i really need done anyway. Sorry for the confusion. @wernda1234 Wow. Thank you so much for anther huge help. I know the basic layout that @fisthardcheese provided should be enough for most but I have a hard time without seeing exactly what someone actually submitted. You did very well on your Motion and seems you understand law and the wording much better than I do. All I can say again is thank you.... for providing the info again in a beginners course for me.
  13. @wernda1234 @fisthardcheese @Jimmy EI have pulled the Sample working through and making changes now. Do you have to include case law? Is the one included OK to use in my situation. I am struggling a bit to find anything that is Arkansas based. I see why lawyers make the big bucks. I guess this is just part of providing your own defense but i think I am more concerned about proper filing than I am about getting sued!!
  14. @Jimmy E I do believe at this time arbitration would be the best for this case. I have read so much my head hurts and still law confuses me. There is so much information on this site and understanding what i do about arbitration this is the course I will follow.
  15. @Jimmy E Thanks for the information. I was typing this when i noticed your post. I will take a look at that site also and see what I can learn from it as well. Talked to the ladies at the civil court office. They have no idea how to file a motion. Awesome! Im wondering about circuit court, if the filing would be the same since its the same county. I will be calling shortly to see what they have to say. I did find the Arkansas Civil Procedures for motions. Arkansas Judiciary - Rule 7. Pleadings And Motions. - 2018-08-31.pdf