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  1. Thanks Jimmy. Just gonna put it on the back burner and let it simmer for a while. Maybe they will move on and i can rid myself of this awful mess. Thanks again to everyone who has got me this far.
  2. No response to this! I guess i will keep waiting to see if they file anything else.
  3. Well I guess I will just wait and see what happens. I just want to say how thankful I am for everyones help. I know its not over but this community is great.
  4. OK. Here is the letter they sent. Withdraw of MSJ redact.pdf
  5. Happy New Year everyone!! Last week I received a letter from the attorney asking the court to stop the MSJ. I do not have the letter directly in front of me at the moment so I do not remember exactly the wording used. I was slightly excited at first thinking it was over but I guess that is not the case. Ideas and what can i expect next?
  6. @fisthardcheese The court does show the dates as I have them posted. So its just a big mistake for them! That makes me feel better. I am going to start ASAP on the objection. So thankful for the advice.
  7. OK. So i just went and pulled the first documents. The date they filed was on June 24th 2019. The date I was served was August 26th 2019. The date that I filed my first answers was September 11th 2019. So it was more than 30 days from when they filed till i was served but i don't think that matters correct?!? Just called the court house and they confirmed exactly the dates I have.
  8. Well I just got a letter from the attorney. It is a Motion for Summary Judgement. Sooooo....I filed everything on time and as directed to do..I think anyway. I hope i didn't screw something up. That was my biggest fear coming into this. Anyway i am posting the letter if anyone has any suggestions. @fisthardcheese @wernda1234 @Jimmy E The second set of questions im assuming is what this is referring to. I received them on 10/14/2019. The postmark on the package was marked 10/9/2019. I returned my answers on 10/31/2019. I have a certified mail receipt. I also got the delivery confirmation slip back and it was signed for on 11/4/2019. So that is still less than 30 days. I am confused as to what they trying to do. summary for judgment redact.pdf
  9. @fisthardcheese Thank you! Will have those completed today.
  10. Should I answer the Interrogatories with ( objection due to court being an improper venue ) or do i need to explain these? And also the Request For Production Of Documents. Should I do anything with this now or also just use the same objection? Since its not going to be in this court hopefully i shouldn't have to provide anything correct?!?
  11. @wernda1234 Thanks for that info. I was thinking maybe you or @Jimmy E had said that somewhere before. @fisthardcheese I will definitely keep that in mind when it comes time. Thanks everyone. Will post an update when I have something.
  12. OK. I will get these answered. I will double check to make sure no court date is needed. @Jimmy E Do you have any input on the Arkansas law and whether or not a date has to be set by me? This court clerks are more lost than me.
  13. Yes this is the second case. I filed the answers and the MTC the same day. I also sent certified mail to the attorney those same papers. I have not been to court and as far as i know a judge has not ruled on the MTC. That is why this seemed strange to get a second set of questions.
  14. OK. So I just received a response back from the attorney. I am a bit confused so need a little advice. Some of these questions seem to be somewhat of a repeat of the first questions. Either way this part is new to me since the last case was dropped before it made it to this point. Faber and Brand Response Redact.pdf
  15. Well that is a good idea. I'm not sure how the rules read on that and i will have to check. It would be nice to have with prejudice to have this gone once and for all. I will check on this and see if i can figure out how an objection should look and read. Thanks for the info @fisthardcheese