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  1. The court case was closed today (without prejudice). Arbitration is full go. Still waiting on Velocity to pay their portion of the fee. They had a September 9th deadline but requested an extension. It is now due on the September 23rd. Still not sure what happens if they don't pay.
  2. The lawyer agreed to arb via email to the judge. I am unsure if the fees have been paid as of yet. Have not heard anything from the judge either though. I hate waiting. Its literally making me sick. smh
  3. Thank you! I will keep all this in mind moving forward. Should know something by Friday the 10th. The judge has already reach out to the attorney this morning. So waiting to see where this goes.
  4. @LaneBlaneThe account in question is personal. @Jimmy EI dont see a hard deadline per say but it does say if the fees are not collected the arbiter will drop the case. Its a bit confusing really. I have read a few different things but from JAMS it says it will be dropped. It doesn't say when or how long after payment isn't received though. At least that i have found yet. Still reading and searching. I like that you are always a step ahead. I will work on the MTD just in case.
  5. @Jimmy E I sent everything to the attorney on the 29th of July when I originally filed for Arb. The email system at jams was flagging my email as spam. So it did not actually get filed until the 25th of August. But they were notified the day i filed it via USPS. Also JAMS has send Proof of Service to both of us. You are correct that the Stay is up on the 8th. I submitted everything to the court this morning. They have until the 9th to pay their fee so I'm not real sure how that will work. Maybe the judge will check back to see if its been paid. I paid mine the next day when they invoiced me. I would assume that we are in Arbitration at this point which is what the judge asked for.
  6. OK. So i finally got everything filed with Jams and the fee has been paid. It took way longer than it should have because all my emails were sent to the junk folders and they kept telling me they were not receiving them. After just over a month they figured out the issue. SMH. My question is this. Do i submit an offer or do i just wait? I was reading through the Arbitration guidelines that are posted on this site and it was an option. I would just like to get some opinions on that. As far as i can tell the JDB has not paid anything as of yet. They have requested $1500 non refundable fee from them though to get started.
  7. Jimmy you are very accurate. I did get a little beside myself and I have a very passive side so no i didn't call out all the obvious facts. I was told both times i brought up Rule 41 that "it does not apply and that we have moved past that"! The judge did a conference call yesterday afternoon about the document the Plaintiff submitted. I was shocked she would have put the last couple of statements about a time frame in there. Kinda chuckled at that! She was not happy that i denied everything they sent and told me that wasn't going to work moving forward and that she(the judge) would make sure i answered them. Either way arbitration has been granted and that's where we are. I am so thankful for everything everyone has contributed. You guys/gals are awesome.
  8. Thank you all for the help and the super quick responses. I will start working on it first thing in the morning.
  9. So I agreed the account was mine because I could feel the judge and she was not gonna budge. I told her that the balance they were asking for was incorrect. She said that falls well within the arbitration clause and granted me a Stay for 60 days to get everything setup. I tried not to admit to anything but I feel I had no choice at that point. She was determined to keep it in that court. Maybe it will not hurt me too bad. I just didn't really know what to do. I wish i could have seen this post 30 mins ago.
  10. Plaintiff now says that because I deny this debt i can not use the arbitration clause in the agreement. Waiting on judge to decide.
  11. @wernda1234 @Clydesmom @Jimmy E So...rule 41 does not apply to my case as per the judge. 15 months is not a substantial amount of time either as per the judge. The judge did pull my original arbitration request and said she would rule on that but didn't want to blindside the Plaintiff so she gave her 24 hrs. to find a reason why I could not continue with arbitration. I am just blown away right now.
  12. I have not done anything with them at this time. It appears to be legit according to the BBB. Fingers crossed.... tomorrow is the day. I think everything is in order. 🤢
  13. @wernda1234It does state in the email that if you are not this person please disregard and delete this message. Maybe thats how they get around it. However there is a link that takes me directly to their site and has pretty much all of my info there. No real login required other than the link. Isn't there something that prohibits two creditors from collecting the same debt?
  14. So Truaccord has emailed me about this same debt. They are wanting to settle for 60 percent. I am unsure what to make of this. Has anyone heard of them and what is going on?
  15. @wernda1234 Thank you! I will make sure it is laid out and detailed as much as possible. I will take a look at the Benchbooks also. Honestly I can not thank everyone enough for the help. You guys/girls are awesome!!
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