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  1. Update. They never responded to the MTC and the case never moved at the court house. They sent me a new settlement offer that was close to what I could manage so I called them and negotiated it down to less than half of what they had filed for. So everything worked out I suppose.
  2. No they have not responded to my MTC and it has been 19 days since I sent it. I also just noticed that they dated their request for admissions 2 weeks before they filed it and I did not get it for several days after they filed. Thanks.
  3. So I have got this far reading posts here. My question has to do with the request for admissions and interrogatories. Do I just object to all of the requests due to improper venue? Also they are beyond the time limit to answer my motion to compel. Can I file a motion to dismiss for failure to follow court rules? I'm not sure if it was even a good idea to file the mtc other than delaying a judgement. Edit to add: I was looking at the court website at all of documents filed and what they had scanned in. When they filed their request for admissions they request for interrogat