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  1. I am curious - My father established a storage facility unit account sometime prior to his strokes in 2013. I have power of attorney for him and had been paying for his storage since. When his finances drained, I started to utilize my household funds to pay his monthly storage rent in hopes that one day his condition would improve and he would be able to return to work and maintain his belongings. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In 2018 and early 2019, after many arguments with my husband, I was forced to let the unit go as we could no longer financially afford to pay $500/mo to main
  2. I filed bankruptcy in 2015. Prior to the bankruptcy I had several late payments on my auto loan. During the course of the bankruptcy filing, I elected to keep my car and reaffirmed my debt. My lawyer advised me at the time that the prior late payments would be expunged from my credit report and only payment history going forward would be reported. She mentioned that the lender would likely create a new account for the remaining balance of the original note. This did not happen. The lender reports my account in its entirety, including the late payments prior to the bankruptcy. I requested that