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  1. I think I need a little guidance. I have filed response to summons from AMEX and now responding to request for documents and interrogatories. I have done some research and feel like I am headed the right direction, but want to know if anyone out there can assist. First the Plaintiff's Request for Production of Documents ... I have one issue and that is they have the wrong name on it. In a couple of places, i.e., Responding Party (pretty important I would think) and in body of document stating Defendant (wrong first name is listed), indicates a male and I am female. So quite different. Secondly, my main complaint is that over a timeperiod I received not one but two correspond notating that the account was transferred to another company. Gatesstone and NCI. Now it appears to be back at AMEX. I am confused and does this include even more charges to compensate for their mishandling? I am thinking of using the following answer to the interrogatories as it applies: They want me to confirm many statements regarding a specific account and specific CC number. It has been so long I do not have the card or most of the docs. I cannot confirm if this is even the same account. Any suggestions.
  2. Also the account in question was so long ago I do not have the card. They want to know questions like I listed below. I put Denied ..... because I cannot say without shadow of doubt that this was the card number. I this the right way to do it.
  3. I am seeking help in answering Interrogatories with AMEX, I cannot verify the info they are presenting and since the account was sent to not one, but two difference collection companies other than AMEX I am confused to who owns this file. Any help is extremely appreciated.