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  1. That is what the judge keeps on saying!
  2. Public Record of case; http://hoohiki.courts.hawaii.gov/#/case?caseId=1CC181002071 Readers please keep in mind that this lawsuit is criminal. I purchased this property in 2002, the party I purchased this property from was bankrupt in 2002. Three yrs later the plaintiff in this lawsuit came out of nowhere and claim to have been sold the same property I purchased, only thing is they purchased it in 2005 from a different seller. The twist of this case is, the plaintiff claims to be the owner that sold and purchased the property to its self, and gives it the right to collect rents owed to my seller. Hope that makes sense, its a very brilliant scheme to rip you off!!
  3. Sorry Harry yes it was plaintiff action, and plaintiffs sjm. It was not dismissed the sjm was denied without prejudice by judge's minute order. Yes I will post a redacted copy of the order.
  4. Update to my case. Plaintiff summary judgement has been denied without prejudice! Any advice of whats next?
  5. in P complaint just a ledger and terms of a agreement that I was assigned when I purchased the unit not even a contract. P SJ is where the contract first appears was attached to managers declaration as exhibit to his statement. I do know I do not have a contract with P, but it claims it has a assignment. Original Lessor went bkrupt. Never seen a bill or ledger from P before my first contact with P which was Sept. 2018.
  6. Complicated, but after reading the replies in this forum, nothing is impossible. Need some help I'm being sued by a supposing new owner of the ground lease of my condo for delinquent lease rent. Thing is the original Lessor went bankrupt in 2001 before i purchased the leasehold unit in 2002. The new owner purchased fee land in 2006 from a bank that was the creditor to the original Lessor. Never heard from the Lessor never paid any lease rent for over 15 years. I initiated the first communication in 2018 with the new owner about the fee purchase(should have minded my own business). I started it all if only I let sleeping dogs lie. Oh well tried to sell it, but I just brought the problem to forefront. I am currently defending against summary judgment. Purposely did not oppose but today at msj hearing judge hinted for me to file an opposition at the clerk's office and she continued the case until October 2. Should I submit a memorandum of opposition with an affidavit and start the discovery process? If so, does anyone have good opposition, affidavit discovery info I can use to fit my situation?