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  1. @fisthardcheese The people who don't care about the spying are the truly ignorant people, they have no clue what's on the line for the American's. Let them smoke their pot and other dope, collect their welfare checks and have more babies, raise their kids to be as uneducated as they are! They are happy to get $2 off their socks at Target! I am not! I am not ignorant, can't they see what's being lined up? Open your eyes people and start to use your ears! Start listening to something else than these rap songs where you have to hire a translator to understand what's being raved and ranted ab
  2. This article does not even explain a tiny fraction of what technology nowadays does. I have been a “Targeted Individual “ for 15 years, everything I do is repeated on radio and TV, even newspaper articles are written about my behavior. Check it out on YouTube: “Targeted Individuals “ P.S.: Many claim to be targeted, to feel special, I guess, they are not, for a non-target, it may be difficult to see the difference. Be happy you are not on the hit-list, it is not easy, I tell you! (This is not exactly the message I submitted, it must have been edited by the Administration, so be it)
  3. Same here, my settings are set to the newest threats first, all I receive are the ones from 2012 and a year or two earlier or later. I believe this is because some of us people are restricted to a CDN network. I have been restricted for years and years and only get to read the old crap.
  4. As far as I know, Midland Funding Llc, State of Organisation Delaware is not in good standing with the Secretary of State, also, they claim to be a „Debt Portfolio Company“, not a Collection Company. I have checked with some other States, Midland Funding LLC is pretty shady!
  5. Yes, I wrote the bank to apply 6 month insurance , send me the forms, close the card and send me ending statements. My husband was involuntarily unemployed since I believe June or July 2015, his last pmt was 07/27/15. Statement balance then was $598, he never used the card again. Counterclaim was 3 days lost wages, he made his CDL, works out of Montana, makes about $300/day when working; claim=$900. He had discussed the case with Plaintiffs attorney, attorney wanted minimum $700.
  6. I like to tkank for all these answers, I don‘ t know what OP is. I will have to study some of the content I received from all of you, sincerely, I truly appreciate it. I will have to get back to this site in a bit. Bellona
  7. _ first time in July, that was when the last pmt was made to the card, new bal=$598, my husband was unemployed. I borrowed money for my company, really got taken to the cleaners (id-Theft/fraud validated by FTC) We were in constant contact with Credit One, verbally and written correspondence, I wrote them to apply the insurance to both of our cards for the 6 month, send me the forms, close the cards and send me the ending statements. Instead, at the end of March 2016, they sold the debt standing at $996 to LVNV. My husband made his CDL last year at age 71, he works out of Montana, lives i
  8. My husband had a credit card with Credit One Bank, couldn’t make the min. payments anymore because he worked for my company which was financially defrauded twice in 2015. I contacted Credit One by phone, followed up with a Company letter stating what had happened, included the FBI, FTC and several other report numbers, informed them that we both (I had a cc also) couldn’t make the payments for several months, that I may lose my business. Credit One wrote back, they didn’t have a program for hardship times and for me to get help from nonprofit organizations. Soon later I noticed that we had cre