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  1. Greetings, My apologies if I am posting in the wrong section. I was not sure about what to call this. I missed a hearing to appear for a traffic ticket. I have already appeared twice and the third appointment I knew not about. The judge said nothing about reappearing and neither did the prosecutor. My last appearance was July 5. I was allegedly supposed to appear again on the 19th. The prosecutor, on July 5 said he'd call me by the 26th to let me know what was happening. He called me August 8 instead. During that call he mentioned that I missed the 19th and he stayed a warrant. Then he went on to say that he would have RCMP (Canada) sever me with another summons, if I fail to appear August 23 to sign a promise to appear for November 18 hearing. I said that would be fine as I don't have the means to get around well right now. Then the prosecutor switched and said he'd have a warrant put out if i didn't come and sign on Aug. 23. I don't want to sign anything, period. I was considering signing "under protest and duress" as I do consider his words over the phone a threat to my property and well being. May I have your opinions please?