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  1. @Goody_Ouchless it’s a bit complicated because it’s one of the accounts opened by a family member that stayed with us in 2016 so I’m sure the fraudulent option may end up hurting me?? can I still file another MTC even though I submitted one previously with the wrong cc agreement?? thank you so much for your help and advice!!
  2. I was sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC (OC was PayPal Synchrony), had court last week, and it ended really bad. I got a continuance for 90 days and will be going back in November, and I would really appreciate any help/advice I can get. So a little background story, I did not open this card, 2016 a relative stayed with me and basically opened a lot of stuff under my name, I tried paying some of it but I couldn't keep up and due to stress (I was in last semester of college - graduation, working full time, two kids, and also getting married the same year - then got my hours cut an