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  1. I just don’t understand why they’d even go through all that just to let it go at the last minute.
  2. I wanted to update. I decided to fight this and ride it out following the information on this site. P&F sent me a CCP96 in which I didn't respond to. I showed up on the day for my trial, and the clerk told me that P&F had filed a dismissal without prejudice the DAY BEFORE. I have not received a proof of service for this (i'm not sure if its even required) and the court cant print me out anything for my records. My question is, do I need to worry, or is this a done deal? I know they can re file again, but is this some sort of tactic or was my case really not worth it fo
  3. Hi everyone, this is my first post please bare with me. I'll try and include all the information I can. I'm in the state of California being sued by "Capital One" with them using Patenaude & Felix as their law firm. The balance they are suing me for is $3100. Long story short I lost my job, and couldn't keep up with the payments. I signed up for the credit card online sometime in 2015,and my last payment was in 2017, I was too far behind, and the minimum payment was beyond what I could afford with interest. A short time after, I lost my house in the Camp Fire, and moved 8 hours away.