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  1. Thanks for the response. I have indeed double-checked the agreement (I'm assuming OC is Original Creditor) PRA contends I'm subject to...arbitration is in there, no exceptions that I can see. I just took another seems very consumer-friendly (relatively speaking). The only clause it contains Re: small claims court says (paraphrasing) that the creditor will not file for arbitration if the consumer elects to take action in small claims, there's nothing at all about the creditor filing there.
  2. of recently I believe the debt (disputed) a JDB...Portfolio Recover Associates...has been trying to collect is time-barred. Periodic correspondence over the past year (!) has requested PRA provide proof of origination of claimed debt, a full payment history, etc. Each communication has stated clearly that the debt was in dispute and not acknowledged as valid. At one point a complaint was also filed with the CFPB for misleading correspondence from PRA. It was also made clear that the response to any type of filing would be a request for arbitration per the alleged agreement. Whatev