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  1. @Harry Seaward and @WhoCares1000 thank you - fair enough. I'll take that approach then. Should they refuse to respond or refuse outright, how would I go about pressing the violation? Just so I am prepared, if you don't mind. I will send them a letter explaining my health situation and asking them to suspend collection activity. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi Harry, thanks for the reply! It’s for about $550. OC is Capital One. It is not past SOL. Endgame? I’m a cancer patient with limited means. I would not be able to pay the full amount, and I want to avoid being sued.
  3. Hello, I am in Nevada. I sent a DV letter to Midland Credit Management in July in response to a letter from them. It was within the 30 days received. I sent the letter via certified mail and confirmed they did receive it. Yesterday, I received a letter from them with payment plan options and the opportunity to settle for 5-10% less than the full balance. That's all they sent - no typical DV response. How do I proceed? Is this a violation of FDCPA? Thanks in advance!