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  1. Thank you so much @LoveIsPower I’ve been working on my Brief and MIL . About the Supreme Court ccp98 Decision, do we need to cite Target v Rocha and Cach vs Rodgers as well? or just only the Supreme Court Decision in the MIL ? I feel like I should include everything but it might make the MIL too long for the Judge.
  2. @LoveIsPower Hi thank you for asking. The Causes of Action are Breach of Contract, Open Book and Money lent. In the complaint, they mentioned “account stated “ in Open Book and Money Lent. Should I also include the account stated argument in my trial brief as well? I’m going to send out ccp96 in a couple days. 35 days before trial. Should I overnight it to Plaintiff? Or CMRRR? Thanks for letting me know about the ccp 98 Decision. I think it would help a lot. Thank you
  3. Can anyone please let me know if serving ccp96 need to file proof of service?? Can i mail a copy of POS to plaintiff and then file with the court? Thanks
  4. Thank you for your explanation. The statements includes very little usage and payments, mostly just interest charges and some charges I don't recognize or recall. So there is no way for me be sure that the amount is correct. So how would you go about defending yourself in court. Given what they have, the most important thing is to make them prove that they own the debt and witness?
  5. Hi everyone, My trial in approaching in 2 months and I would really appreciate your help to get through this process. A debt buyer bought my debt from Citibank balance of about $7,XXX . I sent a Request for Documents before but I did not send a Motion to Compel. They provided the last 6 months of statements( not from the beginning), an printed Agreement with no signature, an affidavit of a Citibank employee, 2 bill of sale without my account number but they attached my account number on a separate sheet of paper, also provided 2 names with same address that said to have knowledge of the books, records and files. I’m not sure where to go from here. I believe the next step is to prepare my trial brief and send out the CCP96 soon? I’m in California so the Supreme Court recently said that subpoenas need to be serve at the witness address, not the attorney office. So is it advisable to file CCP98 and Subpoena the witness? Then I think I need to work on my Objection for the affidavit? Or do some people just go to trial and defend themselves in court without subpoenas? If there is any example of trial briefs or objection that I can use as a guide it would be very helpful. Please guide me through this time. Thank you